Monday, October 3, 2011

Gail Carriger in Dallas in a Plaid Skirt

I had so much fun at FenCon, even though I was only wearing one outfit a day! Usually I try to pack two (one for day and one for evening), but I wanted to travel with only carry on (and managed it!) which meant only four pairs of shoes, one extra bag, and a few outfits. This is what I wore the first day . . .

I had a class to teach so I went for the librarian look.

Felt cream hat, vintage 1940s, recondition and modified with teapot button. Bon Marche Thrift Store $7. 

This hat is a relatively new acquisition, and this was its maiden voyage into the public eye. I love the slightly beret feel of it, but it fits my head perfectly, and stays on, so I can also wear it well to the back if I like, or tilted in any direction.

Pearl and silver choker. Gift when I was a child, this is one of the very first pieces of jewelry I ever owned. I love the length, and the clasp. The earrings are from an epic score from a thrift store in Ohio. They are modern (well, relatively, probably the 80s) and I love the little bows. All are fake pearls ~ I prefer costume jewelry tot eh real thing, I'm less stressed about it.

Jean Paul Richard knit top, modern. A lovely soft drapey knit, with nice detailed sleeves, which I have said before, I love. I got it at a consignment shop for about $15. I'm really into teal these days.

My ubiquitous cream bag. I usually pin an octopus broach over the bow, because, why not? It's ubiquituous because I often wear cream accessories, and it's a very good shape and size. It is vintage, but labelless. It has a bright plaid interior with working zipper pocket and very few stains. Can't ask for much more out of a vintage leather bag, can you? I got it at Moon Zoom in Santa Cruz for $30. Worth every penny.

Textured patterned Via Spiga peep-toe pumps, Nordstrom Rack $40. I adore these shoes. They were the first Via Spigas I ever owned and launched my love affair with the brand, and a general preference for Italian shoes. Italian shoes seem, on the whole, to be slightly narrower with more arch support than those made in other parts of the world. I like to say that most of me is either British or Danish but somehow I got Italian feet.

BCBG fish tail pencil skirt in a light weight material window-pain plaid, grey with teal and blue accents. The paid is faint enough to be almost neutral and it's basically grey, a color I adore. BCBG made several of them in various different materials. I bought this one and a brown-based plaid. I paid good money for them at an outlet mall, around $50 each. But they are fully lined, fit me beautifully, and do amazing things to my bottom, even though I don't have much of one. Fish tails are like that. Unlike a vintage skirt, this skirt sits below the waist, not at it, so tucking in a top is out (even if I were a tucker, which I'm not), hence I often pair it with knitwear. The plaid pattern on the bottom can widen and emphasize so best to avoid if you are pear shaped. Since I am top heavy, I prefer to place the emphasis down bellow, pulling attention away from the Rack.

Teaching in the outfit. I move around a great deal when I teach, so I kicked off my shoes. I know, I know, bad form. But I get excited about these things.

Early 1940's plaid skirts.

I am a huge fan of grey as a neutral. People so often go for black when grey can be such a lovely and softer alternative. Like black, grey goes with practically anything, but unlike black you can find different tones of grey to suite any complexion from dove (which is soft with slight spring blue tints) to steel (which is darker with a harsh winter feel).

Jean Dessès dress ca. 1949 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jean Dessès dress ca.1953 via The Victoria & Albert Museum

1960s Norman Norell cape via

Dior grey skirt and knit top and early predilection for the LA-based teeny-tiny dog accessory.

Finally we have a couple of dresses for Alexia ~ one in plaid and the other grey.

1878 via The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
1870s walking suit via The Indianapolis Museum of Art


  1. I don't know how you could pack just one carry on. Even for a two day trip I always end up over packing - enough stuff to clothe me for a week. (I always think, "Well, I'll need extra incase this one gets dirty....")

    Your carry on must be built of TARDIS technology, or has a spell on it like the Weasley's car. So it's bigger on the inside.

  2. I just fell in love with that grey dress. That's beautiful.

  3. First, I love your blog! And your books! Thanks for sharing so much information.

    And a question. I remember the girl in the yellow top and grey skirt, and have been looking for her blog again, but I have forgotten her name!

  4. I'm sorry she's not oen of my regular blogs, I just found that one on google images. usually if it's a blog I follow I'll put a link in the caption.


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