Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not for the Rack: One Shoulder

1950s Timeless Vixen Vintage

Bad for Boobs: One Shoulder or the Plunging V

Here's the thing about a one shoulder dress, it lulls you into a false sense of security, Fashionable Reader. Unless you have a good corset, there is no security. The world has yet to invent (nor will it ever) a strapless bra that actually works for any lady over a D cup.

19370 Spring-Summer Vionnet; Olivia Palermo in Stuart Weitzman; Milan FW4

No, don't correct me. It isn't just the existence of the bra I am calling into question, it is the psychological nature of one shoulders (and strapless for that matter). It makes any woman with a chest self conscious: there is the under-the-armpit neckline tug, the constant subtle head tilt of checking, and the self-conscious slouch. Trust me, a one shoulder is just not worth it.

Speaking of which . . .
 Plunging Neckline 1965
Oprah Winfrey in Ralph Lauren

Now, if you still want that one shoulder asymmetrical look. Why not try something like this instead?


  1. I'd honestly say that those really aren't for skinny/flat chested girls either. The one shoulder/one sleeve dressed just plain look moronic. Like if someone was just too lazy to finish it properly. And plunging Vs on women so skinny you can see their rib bones. YUCK! It's like looking at a ghoul or the typical representation of Famine in a designer gown.

    Why yes, I am a negative/snarky person. But hey, at least I'm honest! LOL

  2. Do strapless bras work for anyone????

  3. I second that - I have never gotten a strapless to work, not even when I was a blossoming adolescent with a B cup.

  4. I think that's why so many use the boob tape now adays. Because apparently you can get more support from above the boobs than below.

  5. I have found that convertible strapless bras especially do not work; and even those which are made specifically to be strapless must be done in a certain, very constrictive way that will definitely not work for those with a more ample bosom (as in they will end up spilling out, and no one wants to hear "your cup runneth over")

    I am fond of the asymmetrical look, it gives a sort of geometrical flair and can be quite flattering. The one sleeve look is rather difficult to pull off, (though perhaps easy to pull down) unless you have just the right body type, and, as Ms. Carriger suggests, just the right undergarments.

    So I guess this my wordy way of heartily agreeing!

  6. Depends on how comfortable you are going braless and how perky your boobs are. *shrug* I look fine in both one shoulder and deep-v cuts, but I don't have much sag... yet.

  7. Where can I find that first dress? It's beautiful.


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