Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Steampunk Fashion from Teslacon 2011 with Gail Carriger

Just got back from Teslacon (have posted the convention report.) Sadly, I did not have a ladies maid so I had to A. get into my own corsets and B. take my own photos. This means the corsets were no where near as tight as they should be and I forgot to take pictures of myself. Hopefully some of the shots others took at me from the event will show up.

On Friday I wore my spoon corset outfit.

On Saturday I wore the autumn outfit.

I changed for the ball that night into the fancy outfit I had originally brought for Sunday, but ended up mostly at the bar so no one got a photo of me. Sunday morning I had to wear a cobbled together outfit, because I needed to change quickly for my flight home.

And here are some shots (with analysis) I took at the fashion show.

Steampunk Doctor Who #5! I was a particular fan of the color pallet. I love how she cross dressed the character, made a sweater cover for her corset, and put her own twist on everything. (Plus, Peter Davidson is MY Doctor.)
The obligatory Firefly representation. I'd love to see this idea taken fully into steampunk, perhaps by changing the skirt shape and adding a whole load of gadgets.
Votes for Women! Votes for more gadgets!
This was our winner of the contest!

Now for the fashion show.

We both have photos in the steampunk bible.
Almost steampunk, I'd use a different color for the top, add a hat, a cargo belt of some kind, and some major arm bangles.
I do love this one, the cutaway jacket. But again, more accessories and gadgets please.
Cute, how about a cargo belt?
Adore the librarian take, this is the kind of look I tend to go for.
I understand he's also a total sweetheart.
This is lovely, very steampunk, some arm decoration and a hat and she's a complete outfit.
Little House on the Airship?

Possibly my favorite of the show. So Alexia.
And an interesting new use of your Rococo paniers.
This one was also in the show. I don't really think its steampunk at all, but it was so amazingly beautiful! Very late 1930s. Stunning. Impossible for a lady with a rack to wear (being backless and satin) but had I different body that little beauty would have been MINE.


  1. Thanks Gail! I am the Steampunk Doctor Who #5.
    -Nell Bekiares

  2. It was a lovely outfit, I wish I had had a chance to see it up close.

  3. It was so lovely to meet you last weekend! My friend Barbara and I were delighted to be able to spend a little time chatting with you in the dealer room. Afterward, I think that the remark "what is it like to have that much smart and funny packed into your brain?" may have been made a few times, followed by "and to have that much cute to carry it around?" (Yes our grammar goes to hell in the throes of fan squee)

    I've got a photo of you posing with us and my parasol in the dealer room--I'll put it up on the Teslacon flickr stream immediately!

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks Gina, what lovely things to say. I didn't know there was a photo stream so thank you for telling me! Delighted to meet you as well! ~ Gail

  5. Terribly sorry, Gail: "Immediately" turned out to mean "a couple of days after recovering from Thanksgiving". There were entirely too many celebratory "hooray we fobbed our four children off on their grandparents for the entire weekend!" postprandial cocktails and then there was the following dreadful hangover. Perhaps the husband and I shouldn't be left unsupervised like this in the future.

    Anyway, I do love this photo! http://www.flickr.com/photos/zanierlong/6405588779/in/pool-teslacon Feel free to make it your own!



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