Friday, December 23, 2011

Gail Carriger Loves Winter . . . More Tweed!

I love tweed. I love tweed, Fashionable Reader. Rah rah rah, tweed is good!

“Tweed Toga”  Bonnie Cashin, 1942 (Look at the spats!!!)

I've no idea why I love it so. It's scratchy and hot and sometimes smells. It's hell to take care of. It's kind of grandmotherly. But . . .

1950 Whitaker Auctions

It's got that equestrian country-house hunting-party vibe. It's aristocratic feeling. Celebrities love tweed. No they really do. The Queen wears tweed. The Queen probably sleeps in tweed.

In my world it is all about the tweed pencil skirt. I tend to feel it;'s such a slim fabric I ought to opt for a slender silhouette.

If you don't like the pencil, a tweed jacket is great way to integrate the fabric into your wardrobe without too much bulk. A slim single breasted blazer, perhaps? Wanna rock some uber vintage, tweed jodhpurs are a go! Or a cute tweed vest. But honestly you don't have to go all out like the retro fashionistas.

Vera Maxwell, 1948 The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Bonnie Cashin, 1963  The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Elsa Schiaparelli, 1947-1949  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You can accessorize with tweed too, gloves, hats, bags, a touch of tweed, I always feel, is a touch of class.

Tweed tweed tweed! Tweed for me, tweed for you, tweed in green, tweed in blue.

Bonnie Cashin, 1952  The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

All we are saying, is give tweed a chance.

OK, now I'm getting punch drunk. I might have got at the mulled wine a little early this year.

One for Prudence to wear?

1902 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Wait for it. PPA is coming, I promise.

And now, good night, sweet tweeds.


  1. See, I just don't like tweed. Not on me. Though I have to admit there's something sexy about a man in a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches.

  2. I had a tweed pencil skirt in my teens. Now you've got me thinking I should get one to fit me now. :)

  3. I have two tweed jackets, one Scotch & one Donegal - great for autumn - my husband wears tweed all year. Tweed stockings might be a touch itchy, unless lined.

  4. I used to have a tweed coat that I wore until it was falling to pieces. My mother had to throw it away while I wasn't home.

    I recently made a tweed-inspired brooch:

  5. Love tweed--enough I made a frockcoat out of patchworked tweeds.
    And am currently working on a matching overcoat.


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