Monday, December 19, 2011

Gail carriger in Purple Laether in San Francisco 2011

 My last event of the year was an unexpected (for me, I'd forgotten I said I'd do it) appearance at Writers With Drinks in San Francisco.

Because I'd moved recently most of my vintage dresses had yet to be unpacked so I defaulted to a skirt and top look that I've never worn before.

The top is a vintage 1940's (or possibly early 50s) Fox Original Kansas City. It fits me (only just at the moment) but I can't resist a perfectly tailored button down since they pretty much never fit me in the modern age. Of course, I popped a button during the event (luckily AFTER I'd been on stage). Thank you Rack. That'll teach me not to reenforce my buttons before going out. Not to mention the golden rule, always take safety-pins when wearing vintage.

I also ripped under the arm. Sigh. I might have to come around to the fact that this blouse may be a little too small for me. Curses. I do love the details, though, with a little cross over at the top, and faux belted waist and covered buttons. As you can see I wore it with a cream felt hat, little bow earrings, purple glasses and a green bag. Reminded me of this Joan outfit from madmen.

I also paired it with a leather BCBG skirt. I'm not sure abotu the skirt, it doesn't fit quite right so it may go on the chopping block. In fact the whole outfit might go out to pasture, it's a lot of work.

Well, not the accessories, of course!

Still I have come around to purple. It took me a while. My mother wore a lot of purple in the 80s so I had to get over the association.

This is the tone of purple I prefer, sadly there isn't any in my wardrobe. Should I happen upon some I'll probubly get ride of the more drab tones, I just prefer clearer lighter colors.

Givenchy ensemble ca. 1956 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Or if you don't want to commit entirely to purple, you can always wear it as an accent color.

And some for Alexia!

 Charles Fredrick Worth afternoon dress ca. 1872 via the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. Oh Gail! Purple is only the greatest color in the entire universe!

    Okay, I say that because I look damn good in purple.

    Maybe you could use the blouse as a pattern instead? Either you or a seamstress could sew another version of the top but a little bigger?

  2. What an excellent idea! I just may do that.

  3. I have a small but very nice collection of scarves from my grandmother. They're in roughly two types: a long rectangle and a smaller square. I love them, but how do I wear them? I've tried using the rectangle as a pussycat bow, with limited success (it's a bit too large).

    Think you could do a post to help those of us who are inept with the fancy scarf?

  4. Certainly, I have a scarf blog getting ready. I'll bump it forward.

  5. You should, Gail. I've done that with a number of tops I couldn't find more of. And that way I get them in different colors because I get to choose the material.

  6. What a pity about the blouse! I have a taffeta vintage dress I should not have worn dancing, and it ripped under the arm, halfway down to my waist - in public! Eeep! Apparently it's not entirely my fault, as a seamstress acquaintance told me the dress ought to have gussets. Still, I'm not sure it's fixable.
    I like purple on you, too! And I giggled at the picture of you, all retro, with macbooks in the background.

  7. How about purple shoes to go with the glasses - you know it makes sense


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