Monday, December 12, 2011

Gail Carriger's Stocking Stuffers & Other Randomness

It's a blustery wintery England sort of day outside. Makes me think of knitwear, hats, and furs . . . and turning the heat up just a little bit.

I've been thinking about fun stocking stuffers, even though I'm not planning on much consumerism for the holidays. Poking about looking at parasols I happened upon this adorable lace fan.

 OK so I haven't talked about fans yet in this blog, but this is a preview of posts to come next summer. This little puppy is only $14 and unique, I've not seen many like it.

Admired the net gloves I talked about in my glove post? Well you can buy them here.

You remember those hunter boots I was talking about searching for? Well they've turned up at Marshalls/TJ Max, so if you were looking also. I snapped a shot while I was out curtain hunting. 

I didn't buy them, because frankly I've too many shoes right now, but it was nice to see they finally exist. This is my life, pity me, more interested in finding the right curtains than the right boots! How has my shallowness morphed into such a domestic manner? Tragic!

In other winter news, I visited the Dickens Fair yesterday. It was its customary crawling cesspool of plague carrying flirts, drunken debauchery, impossibly yummy sugary sweets, tea, and tiny-little-baubles of cute that you want to buy but shouldn't. I resisted %90 of the cute, $50 of the booze, 10% of the sweets, and 0% of the tea. The plague remains to be seen, that's always a risk with Dickens.

It was, nevertheless, delightful to see everyone again and say hello. I worked the fair for a decade or so, btu I don't make it back much these days.I wore my ball gown that never woudl pass costume approval, because I could. Some year I will make it for Steampunk Invasion, but I couldn't swing the schedule this year what with the move and all.


  1. Saw this and immediately thought of you:

    I love the retro feel off it with the more modern net on the top. It looks like something you'd wear and would, I think, look just gorgeous with white kid gloves. This, of course, is all pending the rack's approval. ;)

  2. Oh how fun! I'm glad you enjoyed Dickens, I've begun working there again after taking a 4 year break (silly college). Your ball gown looks marvelous, and yes, it would never have passed costume approval :).

    Do you ever venture out to Gaskells or PEERs? If not, and you enjoy dancing, you should come check them out! Gaskells is a Victorian ball that is held every other month on the second Saturday. (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec). The next one is this Saturday! :). PEERs is a themed costume ball that has a different theme for every month on the first Saturday, except for July where one isn't held at all.


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