Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gail Carriger's 2011 Fasion In Review ~ The Outfits!

This is, I hope, the first of many annual summations of outfits of the past year.

I kind of like the idea of looking back at, not only what I wore, but the events that caused the outfits in the first place. I'm keeping an eye out, Fashionable Reader, as I do this blog, for  . . . 1. my favorite outfit, 2. the most retro, and 3. the most appropriate to the venue. I am also quite interested in your thoughts, and possible links to pictures of your own favorite outfit of 2012.

1. March, SF in SF with Patric Rothfass. A humbling and unique experience. I wore forest green and some seriously spiked heals.

2. March, Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition in San Jose. The theme was Eastern Steam and I did my best by combining some of my old belly-dancing gear with my steampunk costumes. I'm not certain how successful the outfits really were and I wish I'd had more time and energy to finesse them.

3. April, Literary Orange, with the Brother's K in Orange County. In a favorite spring green dress. A fun, caring, and very well run one-day event. I recommend it highly.

4. April, the Romantic Times Book convention in Los Angeles. The plaid dress worn retro style for day one, and my favorite red Jessica Wiggle dress (post to come) with the Dior black jacked re-purposed from its normal suit for day two.

5. April, Tea in Burbank. This dress was featured in the first fashion post I did for Retro Rack.

6. June in New Orleans, two days at the ALA and one signing at Books a Million. This was when I really started chronicling my outfits, the red, green, and pink all got their own blog entries.

7. July in the Bay Area, and the Heartless book launch. Peach for Books Inc in San Francisco, and Teal for the Keplers down on the peninsula. These outfits were selected by you, the readers.

8a. August, WorldCon in Reno. Day one in red with Unwoman and dressed for the Girl Genius Steampunk Ball that night.
8b. Day two of WorldCon I paired this cherry shirt with a red skirt for working the SFWA table and my SF Book Club TV interview, in a gold Flobert gown that evening.
8c. WorldCon days 3 and 4 I pulled out some old favorites, the pea green day dress again, my adored marigold cocktail dress, and a knit cream top with a black pencil skirt for the last day.

9. September, Fencon, the most fun I have had at a convention in years. There was just something so very right about the whole event. I wore a 1920s style black flippy dress with pink top for the day, which I changed out for evening, a teal top with plaid skirt, and a polka-dot skirt with black top on Sunday. I did this whole convention with only carry on luggage and I was pretty proud of myself.

10. October, Frankfurt Book Expo. Three days and two night of madness. I was on really limited packing so I just brought my check suit, Jessica Wiggle red dress, a black cardy, and correlated accessories, including my much used black rain cape.

11. November, Teslacon, wearing easy-to-pack steampunk outfits: the Spoon, the Autumn, and a thrown together extra that could convert for plane travel.

12. December, Writers With Drinks, my last even of the year and I wore this purple outfit.

It's hard to pick a favorite from 2011. But I think the award goes to . . .

I just really loved this dress I wore on day two of ALA. It looked unexpectedly well with a big straw hat. I got to talk a bit about one of my heroes and hang out all day with librarians in this dress. Who could ask for anything more? My favorite acquisitions of the year were definitely the two capes, although I did get many other fun things.

Your thoughts? Anything you wore you loved in 2011? Anything you'd like to see me wear more of? Topics you wish it chat more about in this blog?

Immediate plans include: hounds-tooth, lust objects, caplets, the red Jessica Wiggle dress in review, DIY purse mods, the black Dior suit in review, DIY shirt from dress, black pencil skirts, retro makeup tips, pretty shoes, stylish retro menswear, jackets, more cloche hats, DIY hat follies, retro casual for everyday, Secret Project X photos from the video shoot, and Spring 2012 fashion trends done the retro way! I hope you're looking forward to it . .  I am.

Oh, and happy 2012!!


  1. I suspect you know of them already, but have you seen Kitten D'Amour? Its an Australian clothing company doing retro style clothing. There are a few "lust" objects in their current collections as far as I am concerned.

  2. This year I treated myself to 2 vintage AnnaBelinda pinafore dresses, one from their vintage rack & one from Ebay - www.annabelinda.com - go drool.

    Plus on Sunday I published my first book on Amazon & Smashwords - The Driving Ambition of Edda Mussolini.

    I can only hope that 2012 is better than 2011 (no criticism of your outfits Gail - I like the teal & the gold ones)

  3. Oh - can we have a post on jewellery please???


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