Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gail Carriger Has Fun with Accessories ~ Purses

Many of us, Fashionable Reader, have more purses than we can use. Which is to say, you can really only carry one purse at a time. With the possible exception of the cute tiny purse necklace from ModCloth.
However, as I like to say to those who object to my shoe collection (why do you need so many, you can only wear one pair?) why do you need so many TV channels? You can only watch one at a time.
My purse collection is inferior to my shoes. But then again it's harder to switch between them. I have only about 15, most of them clutches, less than half vintage, and my day bag which I use all the time. Nevertheless, I love them each in their own special way. And I do invest in leather, it just lasts so much better, although it's much harder to keep clean.
 Small evening bag inherited from my Great Grandmother.
 Long clutch from Marshalls, $30.
Vintage brown day bag from Hubba Hubba $36

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  1. I have a thing for chain mail purses myself.

    I love purses.

    I have loads of modern ones too. Mom often buys them for me.


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