Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Dreams ~ Gail Carriger Loves A Capelet

OK, people call this article of clothing by many different names. I call it a capelet. By this I mean it does not have sleeves. A capelet with sleeves is a bolero swing, in my universe. But is does have a collar and it is cut to hang over the shoulders, otherwise it's more of a stole or a shawl.

And it is made for warmth (at least ostensibly) and not a beeded confection for decoration that ties in front. That is a fichu. Sometimes, particularly knitted ones, capelets are done as a circle, or part of a circle. I tend to like the ones that have some kind of shoulder built in, I think it drapes better over the Rack.

I really love the neck warmers, but they aren't capelets, more like excited chokers or collars. I have a beautiful one from Clockwork Couture.

 1900 The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

I like fuzzy capelets, I think the shorter length lends itself to the added volume. No, it doesn't have to be real fur. Mine happens to be fake. Instead it can be fuzzy knitted angora or made of feathers.

 1890s The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mine came from H&M some 6 years ago, a present costing round about $15.

I do really love the capelets that look like tiny little capes. But I don't wear my cream one all that often, so I can't justify another investment.

For Sophronia Temmminnick (the Finishing School series)
1855 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Mrs Loontwill in her younger years.
1860 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For  Mrs Tunstell (nei Ivy Hisselpenny)
1880 The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For Countess Nadasdy.
 1895 Emile Pingat The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Prudence. She likes a little sparkle ~ Lord Akeldama's influence.
1897 The Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. I need more capelets in my life. I love your cream capelet! I found some cotton candy pink faux fur like that I've been dithering over purchasing. It needs to become a capelet, yes it does.

  2. If that last one didn't have all that stuff on the neck I'd be all over it. I don't like anything near my chin as it attracts attention to the fact I have a double one.

    Also, while I don't like to wear white, I'm in love with that lacy one with the rose. I'll take it, in dark purple of course, or black with a sparkly purple rose.

    Lord A and Prudence aren't the only ones who like sparkles. I love them too. And so does my crazy diva dog Minnie.


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