Friday, February 10, 2012

The Red Jessica Wiggle Dress by Gail Carriger

In honor of up-coming valentines day I thought I would wax poetical on the subject of my favorite red dress. I spent a long time searching for the perfect red dress. I ended up not with vintage, Fashionable Reader, but with retro. My perfect red dress is the Jessica Wiggle Dress by Pinup Couture. I paid full price for it, $98, and dithered for a week before I could work up the gumption to shell out that much. But I've gotten my money's worth.

It has the right body conscious fit, that great thick supportive stretch fabric (50/50 cotton/poly), and can be worn for evening, or with a jacket or sweater for day. Better, because of the blend, it packs well and doesn't really wrinkle!

It comes in plus sizes, red, black, burgundy with black trim, navy with red trim, hot pink and black, and black and white check. It's not all that available anymore, but I found it on a few sites.

I like the fit of this dress so much, I'd consider buying it in another color. But I'm waiting to find it on sale cheap, $98 is a bit much. I've worn mine in a million different ways, but my favorites with black or with black & white.

At RT in LA, and at Frankfurt Book Expo.

This dress has, as is intended a very 1950's feel to it, although the length is almost 1040's. Here are a few vintage pieces it reminds me of.

1950s dress via Timeless Vixen Vintage; Elizabeth Taylor
Niagara Screen Test; Vintage Vogue Street Shoot; from Tuppence Ha'penny by Charlotte

I do know many are you are scared of red, and it sure can look sheep. But there is just something about it. If you pair it with the right accessorizes, if you are careful with your cut and style, it can be so very eye catching. I'm a girl who likes to stand out, surprise surprise, I believe in "owning it." Sometimes a red dress is all it takes.

Now you don't have to go as body close as the Jessica Wiggle. Here are a few modern red dresses in different cuts for your perusal.

$120 MICHAEL Michael Kors ~ pleasing draping over tummy hides stomach; nice ladylike length; interesting neckline emphasizes face and boat-neck widens shoulders, both detract from a large rack, best with heels.
$195 DKNY ~ fitted top and cowl neck good for mid-sized breasts, shorter length and fuller coverage would be wonderful with black tights, light pleating hides a tummy, a good day to night option, great with both heels and flats.

$450 Milly ~ full skirt great to balance out a figure but higher waist may not work on the rack; probubly better on  a pear shape; would work great with flats; another great day to night option.
$550 Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti ~ another great body conscious Jessica Wiggle alternative; more modern length better for both heals and flats, nice tummy draping to hide flaws; cross top doesn't always work over a large chest, would need to check.

And how abotu a red Jessica Wiggle dress for Alexia Tarabotti?

1870s dinner dress via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

What to read in your red dress? Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause.

This brilliant, sexy YA, did urban fantasy before we knew that's what it was called. Please don't judge it by the abysmal movie version, the book is nothing like that dross. It's romantic, fast paced, a true insight into what it might be to be a teen girl, and a werewolf. The main character is strong, powerful, and has a genuine path to self actualization and independence. We should be so lucky as to have young girls read and want to be Vivian. I adore this book, highly recommended.


  1. I remember reading that book at age 12, I dove right in during my walk home from the library and was so into that I walked into a stop sign!

  2. "I do know many are you are scared of red, and it sure can look sheep."


    I'm not scare of red. I'm freaking TERRIFIED of it! I'm not kidding when I say I look terrible in red. With my rosacea it's a wonder the CDC isn't called in any time I've been forced to wear red. Any shade of red makes me look like I've got a bad rash.

    I should've asked Lord A if becoming a vampire would cure that and allow me to wear red. ;-)

  3. Whoo-hoo! I LOVE the red dress. And the red bag and shoes you're wearing in your photos. Sadly, I'm too long-torsoed for the Jessica Wiggle dress, but think the style is gorgeous.

    JamiSings, can you get away with red on the bottom?

  4. Nah, then my feet/legs look like they have a horrid rash. Besides, being fat I prefer dark colors.

  5. I love red dresses, and the photos of you at the end of the post are fab!

  6. Have you heard of the Traveling Red Dress Project?


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