Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Outfits ~ In the Pink with Soulless by Gail Carriger

Just for fun, Fashionable reader, I've decided to start up with some outfits to match my book covers. Why not?

Soulless formal . . .

1930's style pink gown from Hubba Hubba in Burbanck, black cloche hat from Marshalls, jet bead tassel necklace from Dark Garden, black leather gloves from T.K. Maxx in Germany, vintage beaded clutch gifted from a friend, Irregular Choice wedge heals from Oxford Street in London, and H&M blazer.

Soulless casual . . .

H&M knit pale pink top, grey skinny jeans from Ross, typewriter key earrings from a steampunk convention, cuff band from an import shop in downtown Santa Cruz, vintage black handbag from Moon Zoom, the same wedge heals as above.

A range of vintage outfit options . . .

1893 and 1897 by Liberty & Co. of London, one of the greatest promoters of the Aesthetic Dress movement

1880s Ballgown

Downton Abby

1929 Jean Patou hat via The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

1940s right is from Timeless Vixen Vintage

1950s  Timeless Vixen Vintage

 Mad Men

1960s; 1960s Cocktail Dress  Vintageous
1960s Marc Bohan for Dior, Augusta Auctions; 1961 Hubert de Givenchy The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And some modern takes on the color . . .

Evan-Rachel-Wood-Preen; Herve Leger



  1. I am totally in love with the 1960s cocktail dress. Course, I'd want slightly longer sleeves because I wouldn't want my upper arms to show. But I absolutely adore it.

    And the pink suede shoes. I WANT THEM NOW!

    What is it with shoes? I prefer to go barefoot and yet I love shoes. Hm - Perhaps I should ask Lord A about that one. I'm sure he'd have an amusing answer.

  2. lovely dresses! i am especially loving the 1880s ballgown. those roses make it so unique.

  3. The Marc Bohan for Dior cocktail dress surely only works if you are armless, or hold your arms up like a scarecrow. otherwise the underarm flaps get squashed.


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