Monday, March 5, 2012

For the Love of Wearing Green by Gail Carriger

For some reason I have been obsessed with green lately. It should come as no surprise that I wore green for two of my recent book tour events. I wore an old favorite 1940s style forest green dress at Mysterious Galaxy and one of my newer acquisitions a black dress with green fuzzy roses for Powells.

The Portland outfit included an octopus necklace, typewriter key earrings, small velvet hat, and shoes with little teapots on them. I'm on the hunt for some quirky emerald green pumps.

I paired the forest green with white and gold for my San Diego event. This is in contrast to previous outings when I wore it with brown, but that was fall, and this is almost Spring. The weather certainly seems to think so.

I seem to be perking up and paying attention every time I see green on the runway and in the fashion magazines these days.

 Egyptian Revival Necklace  1910

Vanity Case  Chaumet, 1925; Vanity Case  1925; Vanity Case  Mauboussin, 1925 all Christie’s

Other lovers of green . . .

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