Wednesday, April 11, 2012

British Museum Jewelry: Gold Torques and so much more! from Gail Carriger

 I like this photo because you can also see me taking it. Gold necklaces, cloak clasps, and bracelets from the Iron Age.

Some amazing Torques from Iron age Europe, most hoard recoveries. I like the last ones in particular, they look like they might make for some very nice candlesticks.

Silver from the same time and place. This reminds me of my preferences in jewelry when I was around 10.

Amazing gold cloak, I kept the bottom of the image in so you could see someone wearing it. I would imagine it was worn over a cloak.

More amazing gold jewelry, the ancients sure loved their gold.

Some pretty beaded items from the Egyptian collection.

Islamic broach.

I was so inspired by my trip that on the walk back to the tube after tea that afternoon I just might have spotted a little open air vintage market. And I just might have wandered in and found a rather chic 1960s mod almost Egyptian inspired Lucite necklace.

I also went through my collection to select a few that reminded me of my BM visit.

Fake gold costume jewelry from the 1950s earrings and broach (earrings used to be twist clips I replaced with hooks)

Lapiz necklace, gift from my Grandmother, possibly from the 1920s.

Beaded necklace from the 1980s.


  1. You know, I've always thought someone could make a killing in the jewelry market by offering replicas of museum pieces from antiquity, the Middle Ages, and later. A couple years ago I splurged and bought a Celtic torque replica on a whim, and it's one of my favorite pieces, even if I don't get to wear it all that often. Few people are aware of what a torque is, so I sometimes get funny comments like "Are those bronze headphones around your neck?"

    Anyway, thank you for posting these pictures!

    1. My husband and I took pictures of each other standing behind the gold cloaks. The pics turned out terrible, but we still laugh when we see them. The gold really speaks to you, doesn't it?

  2. I used to make replicas of Ancient Egyptian jewelry. I loved the tasteful light collars some of the princesses had.

  3. I miss the British Museum. When I was studying at LSHTM my Dad bought me a membership to the museum and I used to go hide in the Friends room with all the really funky stuff when life got too much. I was probably the only person on my course who would wander over at lunch to talk to the mummies.


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