Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gail Carriger Talks Spring 2012 Fashion Trends #5 ~ Romantic

Curvy girls like self have to be careful of the romantic silhouette. It can, simply put add too much volume.

Then again, if you're too much a beanpole you can look as if you're artfully draped in curtains or a tablecloth.

 1934  The Meadow Brook Hall Historic Costume Institute; 1953 Jean Dessès  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1910s  Timeless Vixen Vintage

Above we see the first dress is a little insipid, I'd be careful with the cut and draping over the Rack although the v-neckline is flattering. The second is a little curtain-like, plus the color on me (pasty white-girl) not good at all. The cut is nice and it would allow for a full coverage bra, so it might make for a decent wedding dress in cream or ivory. The last might work, because of the belt, it's the kind of thing I'd have to try on, and I'm wary of the middie length.

My suggestion for us well endowed ladies, is to think of romantic in terms of relatively fitted silhouettes only with soft colors and sweet fabrics.

1950s Timeless Vixen Vintage; 1956 Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly; 1960s Vintageous

Why I like the above dresses. The first has a nicely simple fitted top with ability to wear a bra under it, detail is at the waist drawing attention downwards, and the skirt if full bordering on tulip and not too long. In the second, Grace is wearing a fitted bodice dress with a full skirt, but the skirt is a filmy material and the dress has an complicated back. In the last, the suit is fitted yet made of lace and I like the bow detail. I'd be wary of the bow's location, though, and suggest something with detail work in the skirt instead like so . . .

Gail's own cotton dress with faux wrap skirt and lace details; 1940s  The Goldstein Museum of Design

In the first, the lace draws attention to the face and arms, and the wrap skirt pulls focus away from the chest. In the second, the asymmetrical peplum and pattern distract and the multiple tiny buttons means there will be no "boob gap." I actually have a dress like this with that 1940s peplum.

Difficult to see in this picture, but it's there.

Here are a few of my favorites of the modern romantic trend for Spring 2012.

Pink on the runways, with good coverage in cute day dresses. Sign me up. Skirt length and style allows for flats, sandals, or pumps, details at the waist or hem drawing eyes down to legs, and tops that can be worn with proper bras. Do I hear a hell, yes?

Nina Ricci's amazing print dress. Busty girls can't wear it because it's backless but then she made a pencil skirt. Coveting!!!

People always think of pink as romantic, but if you can't stand the color (and I used to be like that) there are many other ways to get a romantic look with safer shades.

A touch of royal blue velvet with pearls for a very romantic look.

Soft sandy grey in scalped edge shoes; Norman Norell 1955 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Blue lace day dress in Valentino; belted cream evening dress from Badgley Mischka

Adorable lavender peplum blouse with Peter Pan collar; how to do edgy romantic with pants in mint and cream

Red velvet with loose flowing hair.

 Miz Mooz green boots from my own collection.

 Bronze rose ring from Target and headband possibly also from Target.

Not good for the rack, but I do like the photo.

Something romantic to eat?

And something for Alexia to wear . . .

 Tea Gown  Charles Fredrick Worth, 1880  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This post will wrap things up for my Spring 2012 fashion reports. Suffice-it to say that for the first time in a long while I'm exited about the season and my wardrobe will be appropriate to it. Long live Spring 2012!


  1. I agree that Spring 2012 looks promising. I love the idea of fashion being fully individualized. Anything goes from 20s flapper to 90s grunge. The phrase "out of style" is mostly obsolete.

    This means there are clothes and styles out there for any body type, any taste. Hooray!

  2. I forgot to mention I love your green MizMooz!

  3. All of these things are wonderful! Wow. I love that coordinate collage with the pink dress, very nice! Also, nice green shoes~!


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