Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gail Carriger in a Steampunk Meets Retro Outfit

Because I was trying to travel light I didn't bring full steampunk to Europe with me. However, I did have two steampunk events so I thought I would kind of jury rig an outfit.

Basically I took my old favorite stretchy red cocktail dress and added lots of details and accessories. For the hair I took a bow hairband and modified it with some steampunk buttons and an octopus and a feather that could add in or be taken out.

I put a little vintage-inspired lace shrug I bought from Newport News about 8 years ago and some red gloves to handle the cold. For jewelry, I wore an octopus necklace, spy glass necklace, and steampunk earrings. My Dark Garden waist cinch corset with Ruby Blackbird steampunk busk covers made for a wasp waist look.

I added my modified belt (made from a pair of cargo shorts) and the Miz Mooz red pumps. The blush colored underskirt is a short one by Free Poeple I bought recently from Nordstrom Rack, I pulled it way down and wore it with stocking suspenders so it came out the bottom properly like a ruffle and gave a 1930s length.

The rack was definitely on display, but sometimes that's necessary with steampunk.

I wore the same outfit to the steampunk gathering up in Nottingham at Waterstones on Friday night as well.

I'm not certain how much online time I will have for the next to weeks, so this may be the last entry for a while.


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