Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gail Carriger's Recently Acquired ~ Day Dresses

So, Fashionable Reader, I sacrificed my longed for vintage cream day dress on the alter of a cute retro blush-colored 1920s flapper dress instead. Still, I could not resist the sway of the day dress and turned my attention to patterns.

With ComicCon coming up, I felt I was justified in investing in one for such an august occasion. After all, what's a girl to wear to stand out at ComicCon but adorable vintage dresses? ( I watched the new Morgan Spurlock documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, it is fantastic, and insightful, and preparatory!) Something cool that packed well, with a nice full skirt.

I was shopping on Haight Street (where I found the blush dress) and I happened upon this newly opened shop: Relic Vintage. Sweetheart of an owner, knows his stock extremely well. We got to talking, I told him my Rack Woes, and he suggested this dress:

So cute! A light packable rayon, little sleeves, full skirt, matched belt and even better . . .

Comes with a jacket! You know how I feel about matched dress suits. I love them. I love them son. This one fit me beautifully so it came along home.

1950s Day Dress Relic Vintage $75

It cost a little more than I like to spend on a dress but it ticked so many boxes . . . of course, had I known what was to come, I might have passed on it. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, you'll have to wait for the ComicCon photos, I think. We shall see, I might take it down for the Sunnyvale Library Event.

 1902  Whitaker Auctions; dress made of china

Later that same week, I was visiting a newly opened shop in Alameda, Juniper Tree Vintage Fashion, and what did I find? Another rayon, packable, perfectly fitting 1950s day dress! In shades of cream, brown, and blue. With neck pleating and a bow belt! Sigh. Of course I bought it. I have no will power.

Juniper Tree Vintage Fashion 1950s $85

Just look at the belt, how cute is that?

This dress reminded me of all those beautiful soft colored flowered tea dresses of yore.

 Norman Norell, 1954  Augusta Auctions; the lovely Charlotte of Tuppence Ha'penny

This one is lined, so it's a little warmer than I'd like, but lining always helps for durability and indicates a higher quality, plus the pack-ability and ease of wearing really sold me on it. It's the kind of dress you can pop on without thinking about it. Great for weddings and picnics and any other daytime occasion. Easy to dance in, too. I liked it so much I wore it for an outing to the Alameda Vintage Fair that very Friday.

And then, because it was muslin, light as air, and (you guessed it) red, I also picked up this adorable check tennis dress. The label said 1970s, I think it could be a little earlier, late 60s. It's so cute with flats for the beach or a very hot day.

1970s Red Check Jumper from Juniper Tree Vintage Fashion $38

I do love me some check.

 Retro shoes; 1942 add

I feel a little like I planned to buy a full skirt and ended up with yes, two full skirts, but also two sort of 1920s cuts. Which normally I avoid. There must be something wrong with me.

Next up, Fashionable Reader,  I'll shall report on the wonderful Alameda Vintage Fair, a blast was had by all. There are silly pictures. And I may have bought something Parasol Protectorate related!

*enter obligatory Monty Python god-speak here*

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