Friday, June 29, 2012

Gail Carriger is Currently Craving ~ Cuffs

I love cuff bracelets, particularly the ones you can squeeze shut. 

I have these little boney wrists (the only thing boney about me ~ well, and my nobly ankles) and bangles never ever fit me. I know I could take links out but I'm terribly lazy. A nice flexible cuff is wonderful and I'm seeing these fab graphic styles all over the place.
 Pierre Hardy cuff via

 I'm hoping the style trickles into Target and JC Penny and the like in the not too distant future. (I am very fickle in my jewelry taste, so I tend to buy cheap and costume so I don't curse myself for the expence when I suddenly go off a piece, loose it, or get bored with it.)

 $15 from a consignment shop

In fact, I have a mad passion for those cheep elasticized bracelets because they are the only ones that fit properly. I also love the stretchy rings because I can wear them on my bare hands or over a glove.

Ring, $6, It's a Wrap, Burbank

 But we were talking about cuffs. I also think they are very elegant and slimming and make for a great unexpected statement piece. So many opt for the necklace for an event but I think a cuff can make for a very nice touch.

I tend to think a solid shine cuff is a little too wonder woman, and you shoudl be wary of wearing one on each wrist for the same reason.

So I like the cut through better, and one large one, on one wrist.

Jessica Ricci Abundant French Lace Cuff Bracelet at

Pamela Love cuff visit

And some cuff inspired other jewelry:


Boot thingies from the runway.



Marc by Marc Jacobs


And something metallic for Sophronia to wear.

Afternoon Dress  1848  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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  1. I feel your pain. It is a constant struggle to find watches or bracelets for my tiny 5" wrists.


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