Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gail Carriger's Lust Objects ~ Black & White Retro

 Adia Kibur crystal bulb ring at


 Cold Comfort Farm
 Norman Norell, 1960s  The Goldstein Museum of Design; Sarmi, 1960s Vintageous; Schiaparelli evening dress, 1938-39

 Mae-West; stylish ladies

 Oscar de la Renta stone-embellished bib necklace at; ombre tights
 Marlene Dietrich

 rupert-sanderson-dieppe Mary Jane Wingtips

 These Trasparenze Nairobi zebra patterned tights from; 1950s

Amazing Cake; Merle Oberon

 And for some of my characters?

A corset for Alexia:
1880-1885  The Royal Ontario Museum

And the dress to wear over it:

 1866-1869  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A corset for Prudence:

1900  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

 And the dress to wear over it:

Evening Dress  1902  The Chicago History Museum

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  1. You can soooooo DIY those glasses- just head to the craft store and either pick up some sculpy and make little clay roses and E1000 them onto your appropriate sunglasses; or some fabric roses and just use the wire stems to hold them on!

  2. Hmm, I could theoretically make a version of that first necklace, lots of little beaded circles...Thanks for the inspiration Gail!
    I do share your lust for a lot of these, including the amazing Ms Dietrich. ^_~


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