Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gail Carriger Lust Objects ~ Retro Neutral

 1952 Valentina  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bondage purse. How fun, the bits all move around and can go on the purse or one the wrists. It's like a transformer bag! (The good transformers, the ones from the cartoons.)

These tights are very like a pair I used to own, there were gifted to me by a bride afer her wedding. I was 10. It began my life-long love of hosiery.  I adore the dress, I could see it on many different figure types. No certain about the belt but it is lovely.

Graphic print neutral peep toe pumps? Yes please.
 1920  Christies

 Infanta  Charles James, 1950  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Neutral Mary Janes are nice and practical.

Adorable pink blazer. I already have one of a different cut but I love the retro color wit the slightly modern cut.

I have a passion for clutches, although I rarely use the ones I have and they aren't practical because the occupy a hand.

 By We Love Yan's Cakes

I love love love this printed dress, although the cut isn't great over a Rack. And the grey peplum jacket with the military detailing works multiple duty for everyday, event, and steampunk.

1950s faux book bag.

This season's retro look.

Fantastic cherry blossom nail art. I've never had or done nail art on my nails but the more I see it the more appealing I find it.

 I am on the active hunt for this slip. I have one already like it but it's about to die and it is endlessly useful.

Cutest most impractical little purse ever!

I've been hunting for and craving the perfect cream colored suit for a very long time but the blue sure is lovely. Perhaps I shoudl switch loyalties.

Not in my size but so adorable.

Perhaps better in ideal the actuality, this kind of ring gets caught on everything.

 By Melania's Exquisite Cakes

Such a cute little spare stool, I'd like a whole little collection for company. Except that we rarely have company because out apartment is so tiny.

Too expensive for what it is, but the idea is sound. I'd like something like this for travel, would work for both the computer transport for convention events and for tourist trotting about foriegn climes.

I covet these scissors. How amazingly cool are they?

And, something for Prudence.

 1890  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
 1906  The Indianapolis Museum of Art

From the Mum's Lady's Tea. 

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  1. I love love LOVE that 1950s faux book bag, and I'm not usually a bag person. Also, those tights are fabulously beautiful.

  2. That bra is amazing! Where is it from?


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