Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Skimmer or Boater Straw Hat with Gail Carriger

I always called them skimmers, although I understand a more common term is boaters.

 Made popular by the Oxford and Cambridge set these hats had their heyday in menswear in the 1920s.

I own this cute little navy straw one, sadly I don't have much occasion to wear it.

Women have often donned this pretty little straw hat. Here are a few examples.

 1905 summer day dress of pin-striped cotton

1930 Grey Skimmer

 1940 Elsa Schiaparelli The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 1940s Skimmers (via Tuppence Ha'penny by Charlotte) worn two different ways pushed to the back and perched forward.


Audry in a skimmer

1955 dress

How about a few retro takes?

 Charlotte of Tuppence Ha'penny in two pencil skirt looks.

The cool thing about the skimmer? It's back in fashion right now and it can be worn with any look you'd like.

More on the history of skimmers.

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