Friday, July 20, 2012

Gail Carriger at Comic Con 2012 Outfits ~ Day Two Flowered Day Dress

By the second day of Comic Con, Fashionable Reader, I was rather more into the flow of things. I had deduced the secret back entrance and was getting accustomed to sore feet. Even in flats.

For Friday I planned mostly meetings at the hotel, and had intended a day of rest for the ankle. I did end up back at the convention center in pursuit of a Firefly panel, story to come in my author blog on Monday. But you, Fashionable Reader, are here for the clothes!

So I donned an adapted version of my cream & brown & blue flowered day dress with mixed cream and brown accessories. You may be familiar with this dress, it had its first outing at the Alameda Vintage Faire.

 I don't really like it with my cream cardy, I'll have to come up with something else for warmth. Luckily I didn't need it after the morning, the weather being most cooperative.

I love the cut of this dress, it's a classic day dress. I might invest in a poofy cream underskirt for this and the blue & cream from yesterday. To make it more open, like one sees in vintage photos.


It had an adorable little bow belt detail at the waist too, so cute.

Here are a few similar I have found online.

 Lovely shirt dress style; and a short 60s one with a pussycat bow and pleated skirt.

Here are two vintage pieces.

 1950's Hawaiian Casuals by Stan Hicks
1950s Wiggle Dress Brown Floral Print

And how about something for my characters to wear in a similar vein?

First, something for Sophronia and one of her friends in the Finishing School series . . .


Something for her arch rivals Monique and Preshea . . .

 1852-55 by poteidia; 1855 day dresses

Something for Alexia to wear in the Parasol Protectorate series, possibly in Heartless . . .

 1870s early

Something a little more to Rue's taste, in the upcoming Parasol Protectorate Abroad series. (Rue has terribly good taste and is awfully fond of tea gowns, so sensible.)

1890-1895 Tea Gown  Worth  The Royal Ontario Museum

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.


  1. You're making my mouth water. I've got so many projects right now. I'm working on a Norfolk jacket for my husband, wanting to get together in the next 2 weeks, a Decades of Style sun dress and a Vogue vintage evening dress with the appropriate underwear. We'll see how it goes.

  2. What a beautiful day dress! The pattern reminds me of one I've just bought in pink and purple, although the cut is different, as mine is a modern dress done in a vintage sytle, as opposed to a proper vintage dress. But I can see why you don't like the cream cardigan with it - maybe something in light blue or brown?

    1. Yes, I'm thinking brown, or a darker cream, but certainly a better cut, shorter and more fitted.

    2. Ooh, yes, that would be lovely! You always have the best fashion ideas :)

  3. I suggest checking out square dance stores (including online ones) for the crinoline, because they're usually reasonably priced there. Also, maybe a cream, fitted short jacket with the dress? Vintage '40s and '50s was all about tailoring so such a jacket would lend the dress a bit more of a formal air--while still keeping you warm, of course. :-)

    1. I have a cream blazer but it just doesn't work with this dress. I think I'll try it with my blush colored cropped blazer next time, as you suggest, I think that would be the best cut. I just picked up the perfect vintage poofy underskirt! I'm so pleased with it. Annoying to pack, of course, but so cute. I'm making some repairs and then posting about it.


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