Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gail Carriger at the Alameda Vintage Fashion Fair in Plaid

I had so much fun at the Alameda Vintage fair last time that I went back again last weekend. I was on the hunt for some very specific items: a pair of green and gold earrings and a bangle to match, some emerald green gloves, emerald green shoes, replacement red knit top, black and white gingham petal pushers, cream lace top, cream cardy. I ended up with a little green ring and an embroidered/beaded cashmere cream sweater, both of which you will certainly see me wear at an event soon. I had a wonderful time, went with friends and ran into old friends there.

Part of the fair's theme this time was steampunk. I didn't feel like going the whole hog, because I thought I might want to try stuff on, so instead I just wore my plaid 1940s dress which has some steampunk elements. My dear friend Rach took a similar approach, although don't you just love her jacket?

We encountered various actual old vintage pieces, mostly from close to the turn of the century, more Prudence than Alexia. But fun to see. Nothing that would fit my Rack, of course.

Mostly we had fun browsing the wares, trying on hats and giggling.

 Wingtip spectator bag!

We developed a plan of attack for next time, gossiped a lot, and generally enjoyed ourselves. This time they had nibbly bits instead of absinthe drinks, a marked improvement if you ask me. I loathe absinthe. Perhaps next time they will have tea!

My bag find a sibling! (Mine is the one with the parasol scarf tied to it (of course).

You may recognize the plaid dress I wore from a few other occasions. I donned it on the first day of the last Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition.

 Parasol now dead; Newport News leather jacket gone to a good home; tan cloche hat given away on this blog; glasses upgraded; but I still have the dress, jewelry, and belt.

I also wore this plaid dress to RT in LA one year. I like this dress, the fit is good and because it is a modern piece it has a bit of stretch to it, a front pocket (!), and packs well. Yet it still fits over the Rack.

And it's the one Locus shot me wearing for the Steampunk edition cover and used again for the film announcement recently.

Plaid has been showing up all over the runways for Fall 2012. Plaid alwasy seems to show up in some form or another in the autumn.

 Left DSquared; middle & right Ralph Lauren

And how about something in plaid for Alexia to wear?

1880  The Museum at FIT

And just because it's so pretty:

1929 Ensemble  Louiseboulanger  The Museum at FIT

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