Friday, October 12, 2012

Gail Carriger in Red & Leopard on Sword & Laser

So on Tuesday, Fashionable Reader, I gussied myself up and drove north for an interview with Sword & Laser. As ever I tried to follow the rules set out for me when choosing an outfit for film. However, this time around I did ignore the no red rule. I can't help it, I like red too much.

From left to right in rows: dress, Moon Zoom, Santa Cruz $35; hat Bon Marche Thrift Store, Sonoma $7; Red & Gold vintage 1920s necklace, gift from AB; vintage broach & earring gold set, gift from Mum; steampunk earrings, Teslacon dealers room $20; black octopus necklace, gift from reader; metal belt Bon Marche Thrift Store, $5; glasses vintage frames with new lenses; Calvin Klein wedge sandals from Nordstrom Rack $40; black gloves; Bamboo black oxfords Marshalls $10; gold gloves, Haight Street.

The outfit board above includes flats for driving, and various jewelry options. As you can see, I went with the octopus necklace and the steampunk earrings. I also added my steampunk bee hat pin, but it's impossible to see in the photos in detail.

The completed outfit. As you can see, I forgot the gloves. However, I was out shopping after the interview and picked up this awesome pair from H&M.

So I am ready for next time I need leopard. (Yes, sometimes leopard print is indeed a need.) I also got a leopard print belt as I wasn't happy with the way the metal one cut in on this dress. The wardrobe, she is ever evolving.

But back to the outfit!

I also carried my vintage tilting fold-able black parasol.

We hadn't planned at what point I would put it away so I eventually just did it during the interview. Meh, something interesting to watch, I suppose. While it was up it did make the hat pop, that black backing. I'm ridiculously fond of this leopard hat. If I'd known I would be sitting I might have chosen a different dress, this one poofs, looks good standing, not so much sitting, but too late now.

After the show we took some publicity stills.

And I kissed Lem the dragon:

And then I accidentally photo bombed the Giz Wiz show while I was touring the amazing studio facilities. Some confusion ensued.

Red with leopard is a pretty classic combination. It can get very va-va-voom so I suggest trying to be pretty demure about it.

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  1. I love this combination. So classy and sexy at the same time.


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