Friday, December 21, 2012

Gail Carriger 2012 Fashion Retrospective, Poll Results & Blog 2013 Resolutions

Well, Fashionable Reader, I ran a poll recently. Almost as many people who follow this blog actually voted, which is amazing! I am truly grateful for all your input.

 The New Year seems a particularly good time to make a few alterations, shall we say?

 For a long time, Gail's Outfits was in the lead but near the end Fashion History came from behind (as it were) for the win. (Oh, I'm so droll.) I'm not surprised, as Fashion History posts are by far the hardest and most time consuming. Naturally they'd be the winner! I will do my best to give you one a month. In the interim: May I direct your attention to the following blogs with a fashion history bent?

Gail's Outfits came in for a photo finish in second place. (Yes, I am going to keep with the puns!) And of course will continue so long as I remember to get photos taken at events. I have at least one gig a month but many of these feature multiple outfits, so you can expect at least three or more posts on this subject a month.

 In LA; in San Francisco Timeless Launch; on the Timeless tour

 Europe tour; World Steam Expo; first day of Comic Con

 Last day of Comic Con; NCBSA; Nimrod

 Sword & Laser; NCTE; Borderlands

Retro Inspiration came in third, which is one of the areas I'd enjoy to do more of, so I'm glad you liked those posts. They are partly dependent on what I run across around the internet so some of them take a bit of consideration and time. Still, I have a few almost ready to post, so look for the number of these to hopefully ramp up in 2013.

 From the movie Roberta

Then & Now came in for a surprise forth, it was way behind for a while there. These are probably the easiest on me so probably will run about one a week, barring events.

 Then: 1700's Roses; Now: 2012 Runway Suit

Fashion How Toos fell in the middle so I'll probably be a bit lax about these posts, and only do them when I feel like I really have something to say on the subject. Otherwise follow RetroRack on Facebook where I tend to post links to other peoples posts on care and repairs and the like.

 Then we had Sins Against the Rack, these only happen a couple times a year when I have enough red carpet fodder to be catty. I think that's OK, as I like myself least when I'm catty, although I do have fun with the sinners.

DIYs also only happen when, well, I have a DIY to do. These days that works out to be only a couple times a year anyway. My newly completed steampunk parasol holster is incoming, probably to drop sometime before the LINK Nova Albion Steampunk convention.

Book Inspiration, one of my personal favorites pulled a dismal forth form the bottom. I have some of these stocked piled and ready to go, so you will still get them for all the various books that have already come out, but after that things should dial back to only one or two a year, as that's my schedule and foreign publishers keep opting to use the same covers as the US.

Lust Objects came out near the bottom as well. One of my favorite, and easiest to do, but frankly, it's easier not to do them at all so these posts will probably be one of the ones to get canned.

 Charlotte Olympia Domino Clutch

Seasonal Trends Translated for the Rack is what I've done a lot of over the last few weeks. They are considerable work. If there's something particularity retro and Rack suitable on the runways expect to see them pop up here at the beginning of that season, but only as one or two posts, rather than a whole series on trends. I am going to put my faith in your ability to translate the trends for yourself from here on out.

Shopping was dead last. I might still rec a few products that I love, but I didn't do many of these anyway so weeee. In that vein can I bend your ear about this liquid liner?

 I hate liquid liner it is such a pain and I'm so bad at applying it but to get true vintage cat's eye look you really need it. Well, have I found the best thing EVER? Yes I have! It's the pen applicator version and it works just like one of those old felt tip artists pens from when I was a kid. So good! I've been using the one from Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, but there are others out there. I'm not sure how long it takes to dry out, and I only use mine about twice a week, but I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. If/when you had time, I'm sure I'm not the only reader who would love to read your thoughts on the care and keeping of special vintage items (beaded, furs, odd materials.) I loved your hat repair posts.


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