Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gail Carriger's Acts of Fashionable Whimsey for Jay Lake

One of the kindest, open hearted, and gregarious people in Fandom, Jay Lake has been battling cancer since 2008. Recently his prognosis has not been good and Mary Robinette Kowal and Catherine Shaffer mobilized readers, writers and fellow geeks to fundraise.

They are doing this by committing Acts of Whimsey as certain goals are unlocked.

Within 24 hours they raised the funds necessary for a special treatment not covered by insurance and the efforts continue to buy Jake some time off from work. He's been writing and continuing his day job the whole time.

They've now reached over $40,000 and announced everybody plays! I thought I might raise awareness by committing some random acts of fashion whimsey here. I'll probably do something more on my tour later on.

Self in a knitted petti four hat.

Fried Egg Hat from Lunaon the Moo
The absurdity that is the 18th century Calashe

Self sitting on a very large chair, photo by J. Daniel Sawyer

Some novelty items from past and present

 ASOS Bug Buckle Metal Belt
Novelty Underwear  1940s  Antique Dress
From Cake Wrecks Sub'd by Debbie B., made by Christopher Garrens
 Fortune Cookie Box $25

Some whimsical pairings

1Clips  Cartier, 1930  Doyle Auctions

Coccinella  Franco Moschino, 1995  The Metropolitan Museum of Ar

Sleeve Supports  1890s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And some whimsey from the past

1820 Turban The Metropolitan Museum of Ar

1870 Fancy dress costume,  Charles Frederick Worth

1870-1875 Bustle The Victoria & Albert Museum
So, in summation if you're feeling whimsical and have a few bucks to spare Jay could certainly use all the whimsey he can get.


  1. You had waaaay too much fun with this!

  2. Sorry. the calashe looks awesome and has to figure centrally in a story someday. . . .

    1. Isn't it cool? A bit early for my books, but Ivy could always discover one.

  3. I want that 1820s turban. That's just gorgeous. And I would war it everywhere. Every. Where.


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