Friday, January 4, 2013

Gail Carriger's New Acquisition ~ Lacy Evening Headband

Recently, Fashionable Reader, while bumming about in Petaluma up north I happened upon a vintage store. As you do. This store happened to have a number of items that I happened to fall in love with. One of them was this lace evenign hat/hair band.

It's basically a headband with lace applique applied to it. I suspect it started life as a wedding back and had a veil attached to it. I don't need another cream hat. I wear my bow one all the time and it can pretty well serve day into evening.

But I saw this and could not resist. It's so very cute.


The design, more sharp and angular than the bows will go with some of my printed dresses better, I think.

Anyway here are a couple similar from about the net:

Currently I am still obsessed with finding the perfect cloche hat for these cold weather days, but by the time I do it will probably be summer. I want a real cloche, not one of the ones they have at Marshalls that looks like a floppy bowler. And since I had a small head I can't just buy one off etsy. I have high hopes of the next Alameda Vintage Fair.

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  1. Love this so much. I think I'll have to rock one of this in the spring.

  2. I adore this! I might have to find myself one!

  3. STUNNING. I'm wondering if I can have your permission to create my own version of these using the lace from a recent wedding dress? There's a possibility I may offer one or two for sale:)

    1. It's fine with me. The original was a purchase and not created by me so go to!


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