Monday, January 21, 2013

Gail Carriger Product Review ~ Urban Decay Eyeshadow

I recently invested in Urban Decay's choose your own eyeshadow pallet.

That's the reflection in the mirror of wall paper, not a design on the inside of the lid.

I did this because I tend to use only certain colors in those set pallets, run out, end up throwing the rest away. I thought it'd be better just to invest in a new set of the colors I use the most. I like the specificity of the selection but I'm not all that happy with the shadows themselves. I've loved Urban Decay in the past but with these new ones I find thoes that have any kind of sparkle to them really don't go on smoothly. Rather disappointing.

I like the durability of the case, it will certainly last better than my others. But it's too big. The whole set up is too big, since I travel so much I tend to find myself wishing pretty much every product came smaller.

All in all, I'm content with this purchase but I wouldn't do it again. And if anyone comes up with a choose your own kit that's 1/4 the size I'll switch over.

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  1. I like Ecco Bella's compact with choose-your-own shades. It only lets you carry two in each compact, but they're small enough to band a few compacts together.

  2. Never personally bought it but I am very tempted, I know Dita Von Teese has brought out a choose your own kit with Artdeco, not the cheapest in the world (the case itself is about £12 i think, and the eyeshadows about £6 each) although you can choose different sizes of case, one that'll hold 6, or just 3. they also are a bit mix n match as you can have blusher and brushes in instead of all eyeshadows. Artdeco is German, Debenhams is a UK store but I'm sure there is probably a store in the US that stocks Artdeco too.

  3. While I've never actually purchased, so I can't give and actual recommendation, I know there are cosmetic makers on etsy. You can probably find someone who can work with you to create something exactly to your liking.

  4. i bought this too for only a total of $70 something bucks with the 6 eye shadows and palette and i absolutely love it! Well, I love Urban Decay a looot <3 haha

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