Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY ~ More Hat Decorations with Gail Carriger

A while ago I did a post about making magnetic hat flowers, so I could have different flowers on my two cream hats depending on the dress.

A Reminder

  • The hats have heavy duty magnets under their bands.
  • For each fancy I used a hot glue gun to affix strong rare earth disc magnets (facing the correct direction for the hats!) to the backs.
  • I also glue a bit of ribbon over the magnet as otherwise the magnet is stronger than the glue and just comes off the fancy.
Some day someone smart will market magnet buttons so they can be sewn on . . .

Since the first session of fancy-making, I have been plotting to do this to a cream headband as well, but have been experiencing technical difficulties.

In the interim, I created more fancies!

New Fancies

Black grosgrain with teapot button decroation
Black on the hat!
For this one I adapted an old royal blue faire favor. Since I don't do faire anymore, it seemed like a good use for an old friend. Added a spray of feathers to the back with a glue gun, and gued down the magnet and covered with ribbon and wha la!

Completed royal blue favor
Re-purposing a cheap headband from Ross.


Added magnet

On the hat
And lastly I did a cheeky red bow with a button.

The final collection:

One of the best thing about these? They pack small!

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  1. Very clever!

    Someplace, I have some plastic button shank doohickeys that you glue things onto - if they still make those, one could glue the magnets on and make them into buttons. Or perhaps one of those covered button kits would work.

  2. I've never seen button-shaped magnets, but there are donut-shaped rare earth magnets that I use when I want to sew them.

  3. the ones I use are these (the first ones)
    but I'm sure you'll find them closer to you without having to order them all the way from Germany


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