Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gail Carriger's Office Inspires Fashion

I'm still so in love with my new office decorating extravaganza it's rather percolating into everything, Fashionable Reader. So I thought I might go with it. The office is basically, downstairs, dark green and creams. So here are some before and after pictures combined with picks on clothes and vintage pieces. (The interior design images are mostly from Houzz.)

The Office

 Before & After: Entry

Inspired by . . .

Inspiring . . .

At Mysterious Galaxy

Alexander McQueen metal bow belt from AlexanderMcQueen.com.

Stella & Dot Liz drop earrings at stelladot.com

The Office

 Corner: Before & After

Inspired by...

Inspiring . . .

Rose gold plated sterling silver drop earrings from goldenmine.com

 1910s  via Antique Dress

The Office

 Before & After: Food Area

Inspired by . . .

Inspiring . . .

Tourmaline Pendant  Doyle Auctions

Lulu Frost gold and silver-plated crystal necklace at net-a-porter.com

Power Stud bodycon dress at topshop.com

Tiffany & Co. via Christie’s

 1954 Dress  Norman Norell  The Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Office

The Ambassador in his new home

Inspired by . . .

Inspiring . . .

via Refinery 29 on Pinterest

From Pookaqueen on Etsy

Earrings  1stdibs.com

For My Characters:

Sophronia, after the Finishing School books

1866-1868  Les Arts Décoratifs

Alexia in Timeless

1875 Afternoon Dress  Charles Fredrick Worth  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ivy after events in the Parasol Protectorate books

 1888 Court Presentation Ensemble  Charles Fredrick Worth  The Indianapolis Museum of Art

1880 Tourmaline Ring  1stdibs.com

Prudence & Primrose in the Parasol Protectorate Abroad series

 1904  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 1909-1911  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fuzzy pillow!

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  1. Your office looks great. My favorite is the winding staircase, but all the decor is fabulous.

  2. I've reported in the not too far-gone past about the splendor of your office space. Now I must, forgive me, gush over the exquisite frocks that you have posted. In many ways they are more dazzling than most jewels and I am still somewhat breathless from all gorgeousness. Thank you!

  3. Just in case anyone wants to look up her shop on Etsy, it is "Pookaqueen", not "polka" like the dance! She does absolutely wonderful hats....Love all the gowns in this post-Heavenly!

    1. @Vintagegal - Thank you for the clarification on the name. A big thanks to Gail for adding Pooka Queen to her fantastic style blog. I love your style!

      Brianna AKA Pooka Queen

  4. It does look very stylish and beautiful. A well-dressed creative space...


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