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Gail Carriger Denver in Steampunk Autumn

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Sunday at AnomolyCon I wore my tried a true rust toned autumnal steampunk outfit.

Vintage cream blouse, could be 1900 could be 1970, hard to tell (I know, the Rack looks enormous). Tailored and fitted in to my shape. Copper pick-up skirt. Both trift store scores from way back.

I also wore this outfit at World Steam Expo and at TeslaCon.

Many of you will recognize this Swiss waist. In addition to Friday at this convention I wore it recently for the book launch of Etiquette & Espionage and when I was in England.

Gold outfit and a sexy red variation 
Evening Dress 1886-1888 The Philadelphia Museum of Art

For those of you interested in the pocket belt, here's a DIY post on how to make a pocket belt yourself from a thrifted pair of cargo pants.

I wore it with one of my small straw hats.

This hat was designed to go with my Swiss waist and its original outfit, an exotic black and gold can can dress. I should resurrect that dress, it was so cute.

Generally speaking, I wear this outfit with these earrings.

They were a gift from a reader.

Although I have these ones also, which I love but aren't quite as elegant.

 I believe I got them at TeslaCon dealers room for under $20.

I'm always hunting for elements and accessories that have no black in them. This broach, which I wear at the neck of many of my high neck blouses, is from Ruby Blackbird.

Ruby Blackbird tea broach. Rachel is one of my favorite steampunk vendors (you'll notice I have a lot of her stuff), and a dear friend.

Modcloth Bow gloves $50, no longer available

I usually wear the Mod Cloth fingerless gloves with this outfit, but time around I wore a pair of  Little grey gloves (didn't notice how grey) for extra warmth. I'm not happy with either right now so I might have to hunt down wherever I've stashed my plaid ones and use those instead.

 Ross $15

Usually I wear this outfit with these boots:

 Miz Mooz boots Nordstrom Rack $100 years ago (similar with a wedge heel $165) ; also Miz Mooz c. $120 (similar brown button wedge now $180)

These flats are quite possibly the greatest and most comfortable boots I have ever owned. The leather is starting to crack beyond repair (trust me, leather used to be my business, I know what it can't be saved), one of the buttons has been knocked off, the elastic insert is going and the liner fraying. I've had them resoled three times now. I've worn them through Europe, twice. They are old friends and I dread having to replace them. The others were my Blameless on pub gift. I love them but just don't wear them much, for some reason. With this outfit I tend to prefer flats because the skirt is long, so why bother?

Only this time I wore it with these ones:

Patchwork Kenneth Coles from 20 years ago, $20 thrift store, nothing similar I can find.

They are pretty darn comfortable, my favorite thing is the fact that they actually lace up. No zipper. Time consuming but I can lace them tight enough around my tiny boney old ankles.

Some component parts to start your own autumnal attire...

Strapless Floor Length Taffeta Evening Dress with Pick Up Skirt $160 or so (other colors); Strapless Taffeta Long Gown With Side Gathered Skirt $80 

Sorry I only found strapless options. My skirt was a thrift store score, big time. It's that washable no wrinkle taffeta too, and a great copper color. One reason you see me in this look so often is that skirt travels beautifully, and is floor length so I can wear my most comfortable shoes.

In case you want the support here are some full coverage corset options.

I could only find a few vintage style cream blouses. I didn't think it would be so hard.

Free People 2013 Catalog

Via Cake Wrecks Sub'd by Arwen M.; made by Mike's Amazing Cakes

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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