Friday, April 5, 2013

Gail Carriger Denver in Steampunk Black & Gold

 Via Facebook

Pleased with the success of this steampunk outfit in Sacramento, I wore it again in Denver.

Sacramento & Denver

I strapped on the pocket belt this time and wore a smaller hat. This hat is made from a couple of shoulder pads and a big poof of a feather out the back. (You knew 80s shoulder pads had a use, didn't you?)

Initially, I also wore this outfit with the spoons jacket, but it quickly proved too warm. This jacket is modified from a 1940s piece that was damaged when I got it. Yes, those are 1950s copper paperclips at the hem holding the woven ribbon. That's steampunk for you.

With the jacket; 1905 Evening Dress The Philadelphia Museum of Art with similar silhouette

Corset is over my 1930s style black maxi dress that I love so much. After the epic traffic up to Sacramento this dress proved itself as a workhorse as well as a great evening look. Before I reserved it for special occasions, like the Hugo Award ceremony...

... now I know it travels without wrinkling, the poor thing is going to get a lot more action. You know I'm not married to black as a color, especially not a lot of black. It makes me look every-so-slightly dead. But this one fits so well, I just slather on the makeup and the gold accessories.

As you all know most of my clothing is vintage or thrifted. By request, I'm adding some links to similar items (mostly on Amazon as the associate's program makes it so easy to link back). I hope you find this useful, as a jumping off point for costuming ~ if nothing else.

Some long black maxi dresses that might work as a base.

 Black Velvet Maxi Dress (plus sizes) $65 ~ but velvet is hot; Grecian Inspired V-Neck Gown $50

Formal Evening Dress $165 (plus sizes & other colors); Alaia from current runway

Free People 2013 Catalog

You know me, fashionable reader, I have very strong feelings about proper corsetry (read = expensive). But I understand many of my readers are on a tight (heh heh) budget, and may only ghost into a steampunk event for an afternoon or so. Thus, here are a few corset choices, I haven't tried them myself, so I don't know how they work with the Rack. Please do remember that with an underbust or Swiss waist, if one is well endowed, one must still wear a bra.

And bellow I found a similar style jacket. I don't usually advocate a cropped jacket with the Rack, but with steampunk and a corset it can be fun to emphasize and play with proportion. This one looks like it could be tailored in, or even elasticized at the hem, to pull it in and make less boxy.

Looks like a riding jacket from the 1780s via pinterest.

And I chose these lace spats, as a good first investment accessory, because they might work with any shoes. These allow a girl to choose comfortable shoes she already owns, flats or heals, and dress them up.

Woman’s Spats 1890-1910  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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