Friday, April 12, 2013

The Spoon Corset Outfit In Detail ~ Steampunk by Gail Carriger

This is a reboot of an old blog post I did for a fashion forum, but I realized I had never posted it in any of my own blogs. Silly Gail.

So here are some photos on the spoon corset steampunk outfit, with how-to notes.

Vintage 1940's jacket with large sailor collar. Cropped short and tailored in. Buttons replaced with metal ones salvaged from thrifted leather jacket. Ruby Blackbird pin on lapel. Vintage square brass paperclips sewn onto bottom hem.

I cut into the collar at shoulder all the way to the neck, added button and tassel to front section. Hemmed "correctly" on for the front, hemmed reverse and tailored up to neck at the back.

Back part of sailor collar turned up and into posture collar. Clasps from Hancock fabric, thin "belt" boning put in with the clasps to keep collar upright.

Original corset (you can't tell from the photo but it was starting to fall apart). Cut lace off in some parts and repaired roughly. Had this chain belt from the 80's. Found center point of belt and cut in half, then attached belt sewn onto bottom of corset using heavy duty 100% nylon thread.

Multiple collected buttons (from thrift, button stores, and other places) in brass and silver, sewn on with nylon (not button) thread, starting large and decreasing in size. Smaller "buttons" up the side of the boning are "spacer beads" from beading isle of Hancock Fabrics. Old vintage 1940's brass spoons sewn onto top, garage sale source. Close up shows large metal buttons threaded through paperclips and then wedged behind corset busk to cover over clasps (not the best solution, I ended up buying busk cover buttons from Ruby Blackbird. I use Brass Double End Spring Snap Hooks to hold on pouches and accessories to belt bottom of corset.

Completed look with and without jacket. Ribbon threaded through paperclips on bottom of jacket and puffed out. I have considered removing this as only black would make the jacket more versatile.  However, I have found that at conventions I generally require less clothing, not more, so I don't get much of a chance to wear the jacket regardless.

The completed corset with busk covered.

The full final look.

Wine taffeta overskirt is a thrifted size 16, caught up each side with hardware beeners, and pleated into a bustle at the back. Underskirt is a thrifted black taffeta big enough to go over a hoop, I added lace ruffles salvaged from old curtains. The undershirt is a cotton peasant shirt with cool Goth sleeves attached from different shirt, both thrifted. Hat is a fez, front turned up and velvet covered, with ribbon, feathers (from broken African mask), and dried flowers attached at the side using glue gun.

At ComicCon with a short undergarment version; and at SteamCon with a different (now gone) underskirt, both with proper corset button busk covers from Ruby Blackbird.

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  1. This outfit is gorgeous <3 Especially love the cropped jacket!


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