Saturday, April 20, 2013

Your Does of Steampunk ~ Gail Carriger's Octopus Collection

The octopus, while not intrinsically steampunk, has become associated with the aesthetic quite strongly. I blame Lovecraft. Not to mention Captain Nemo. Some blame me. Why are there octopodes in my books? Because I love them. They are cute and smart and strong and, best of all, tasty. (I am a particular fan of the Greek style slapped, marinated, and grilled octopus.)

My love affair with the octopus did not begin with the Parasol Protectorate books. Oh now, it has its roots in a squeaky rubber octopus purchased for me at a carnival by my best friend over twenty years ago.

You can see him above, sitting on top of the Parasol Protectorate boxed set, as if he were very well aware of the madness that would result from his presence in my life. Yes, he still squeaks, although not very well, and he used to be purple.

But you did not come here, Fashionable Reader, to hear me burble on about octopodes in books. Oh no, you came for the octopus fashion! Here is a glimpse at my collection.

 Similar but even cuter, Sea Devil Black Octopus Necklace $18

All gifts for different people over several years they are all the same octopus, but they are all different: brass, black, and silver with a double chain. I used to have a broach too, but it broke at AnomolyCon.

 I've now re-purposed it by sewing it onto a hat. I do love this octopus form but I find he has become very common about the interwebs and I am becoming more and more intrigued by craftsmen and artists with create their own octopus shape.

These are two fun ones, gifts from readers. The red one is new, isn't he cute? Here's a similar little guy in ring form.

Although technically he's a quintopus (he doesn't like to talk about it). The pink one is adorable too, kind of ethereal and lovely. If an octopus were a fairy...

 Similar Vintage Bronze Octopus Ring $4.50; nothing similar

Because I wear gloves a lot I don't get to wear my rings much. These were all gifts, the big sparkly one was given to me right off the lovely lady's finger! I wear that one over the black evening gloves on occasion for a true statement look.

 Gail's Octopus Collection

I have a  number of other octopus pendents, and buttons, and broken jewelry bits as well that have been sewn onto hats, or pocket belts, or dresses.

The stated idea is to ensure that at all times, whether steampunk or not, there is an octopus on my person somewhere.

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  1. I love those...I want the ring ;) I always wanted a quirky thing to collect, but so far it hasn't happen. My aunt always gives me kitten calenders for Christmas...which is rather lame.

  2. I feel like I need all of these! The 'Oversize Octopus Ring' is one of my favorites! I love the colors!

  3. Octopus's or is it Octopi? Anyway...they are fun! I want Octopus accessories!! or maybe even a tattoo? Thanks for sharing your collection!!

  4. I love the amethyst pin. I myself collect Cthulhu t-shirts. I wore all five of them in my video to crowdfund my Cthulhu Musical.


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