Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Steampunk on Retro Rack with Gail Carriger

April is my birthday month, Fashionable Reader. Nope I will not tell you how old or what day, a girl's gotta have some secrets. April also started out with AnomolyCon and it will end (for me) with Nova Albion. Both are steampunk conventions. Thus I am declaring April...

Steampunk Month here on Retro Rack! 

I'm going to challenge myself to post only steampunk fashion. I'm hoping you will find it very inspiring. And I am hoping to see some of you, looking fabulous, at Nova Albion.

Here are a few images to get you started...

 Ordinary towel bed swan vs. steampunk towel bed swan!

Recent additions to my personal collection from AnomalyCon...

found this from to go with my teal outfit (difficult website to navigate, use search function for pocket watches, no other colored ones online)

more on this teal outfit found here

And these just because I love them...

both from (no items for sale online)

And this was a gift from a reader to go with both the teal and the spoons outfit.

some of her stuff is on etsy (but not the clips)

I love how unique dealers rooms are at steampunk conventions, there is always something new and different. I'd never seen these clips before. That said, I do wish small vendors were better at updating and maintaining their online presence, often I would like to order more items and then struggle to do so and give up. An I don't want special treatment from the community because I need to know that they will be good to everyone I send their way, not just me. Also I feel guilty about providing links to you, Fashionable Reader, to flawed websites or empty etsy shops. It's just a tease.

 In the dealers room at AnomolyCon

Some helpful posts from the past...

And for the gentlemen...

Next up I'll do a review of the steampunk costumes I wore at AnomolyCon.

 Sunday at AnomolyCon with the lovely Sally.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.


  1. If the stores you like don't have a large online presence and you share the link then we can ALL bug them. Then it's not special treatment, it's just general supply/demand.

  2. Sadly, the pocket watch link offers no watches at this time. Yours is a marvelous find.
    Suddenly, i am being labeled an "anonymous. I am, in fact, Libby


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