Monday, May 6, 2013

Gail Carriger Cream in Santa Clara ~ Nova Albion Steampunk Convention Outfit Day 2, 2013

So, Fashionable Reader, with all the failures in the Brown & Cream earlier that day, I decided to morph that outfit to fully cream for evening.

Self, Thomas, and the League Boys

So this was an entirely new outfit, but I did conceive of it as possible ahead of time. It's basically the underthings of the cream outfit, only gussied up with corset buttons and a lacy shrug. I like the idea of a "transformation" outfit. Two looks out of one.

 1888 Robe à transformation  Charles Fredrick Worth,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 The underthings and the original outfit (on Jewell)

Outfit breakdown: 

Skirt is made from an old lace maxi skirt attached to a thrifted polyester petticoat at an angle. I attached a lace curtain runner at the top to make up the difference in length and such.
Undershirt is a cotton stretch tube top with crochet top and straps attached from an old vintage gown (that's the bit you see draping over top of corset).
Corset is a Dark Garden custom Classic Victorian in champagne brocade.
Corset busk cover buttons, steampunk style, up the front from Ruby Blackbird (on hiatus).
Pineapple reticule also from Ruby Blackbird. 

Moe Munroe cashmere gloves (cream and brown beaded ones are no longer available).
Vintage lace applique 1950s hat, blogged about purchase and source over on lace evening band post.
Vintage look cream lace shrug from Newport News about a decade ago. I pinned it at two points in the front to keep from shifting, using my teapot pin on one side and parasol on the other. What I need for this to work best is dress clips!

Clips  1930  christie’s

If I wanted more warmth I think I could unbutton this gold coach dress for a pretty nice full over option.

I liked this outfit, and next time I have a steampunk event and can fit that petticoat into my suitcase it may even travel with me. All cream is rather bridal but it does stand out at a convention in a sea of browns and blacks.

Practicing for bodice ripper cover with Thomas.

I'm wearing a faux gold and pearl jewelry set, some were gifts from various friends, some vintage elements, shoe clip on the front (may have gotten lost, sigh).

I like jewelry sets, I find them immensely satisfying. Everyone together now!

Earrings and Necklace Van Cleef & Arpels  Sotheby’s

Some DIY cream based ideas.

 Esteban Cortazar asymmetric cutout satin and leather dress at

Dimitriadis tulle tendril bib necklace at

Some pretties...

 Evening Dress  1925; 1954 Oriane  Pierre Balmain both The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For the Characters...

For Biffy...

1845  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For Alexia...

1874 Wedding Dress  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Alexi post Biffy...

1886  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And for Rue...

1891  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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  1. I stumbled across your photo and it caught me because you all look so smashing! Instead of bringing sexy back, we need to bring style and glamour (the real kind, not Fergie's version) back.


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