Friday, May 3, 2013

Your Dose of Steampunk ~ Accessories by Gail Carriger

So we have covered some clothing elements that can leak into the daily wardrobe for a steampunk touch. Accessories are much easier, Fashionable Reader. Here are a few of my daily favorites:

Sam Edelmen two tone boots from Nordstrom Rack c. $100, can't find similar but these are super cute

I recommend riding boots that are both black and brown, and flat, and comfortable. Because then you don't have to think about it, they just work with everything. I was looking for dressage or hunter riding boots (black with a fat brown stripe at the top) when I got these, but these had such a nice hint of steampunk that they won the race. They've also been worn practically everywhere, and been resoled several times. Because, like I said, they go with everything, from jeans and a t-shirt to sundress and tights, and work for most weather.

Leg warmers, buttons added by me, which I wear pulled down over the tops of shoes, like spats or gaiters. ("Gaiters ~ Knee-length leggings buttoning up the side that were worn in the country to protect clothes from dirt, mud, and rain. Shorter ones were called spatterdashes ~ or spats ~ because they "dashed away" spatters." ~ Daniel Pool) Work best with close-toed booties or pumps and does keep ankles very warm. Often I need to keep tugging them down, but I don't mind. (I should add an elastic strap for under the shoe.) But these add a steampunk meets ballet kind of look and turn a shoe into a boot style, also a good way to add warmth when traveling without too much extra weight.

 Leather and suede gloves with buttons from Germany; Boho by Moe Munroe cashmere mitties with flower detail. Moe may not have these anymore but her mitties are amazing, Delicious Boutique carries some of them raning from $58 - $100.

I have a terrible weakness for cashmere, because it is warm, packs light, and is not wool (to which I'm allergic). I also love leather gloves because they are almost as tactile as skin, and so warm. I am one of those girls whose hands are ALWAYS cold. Just ask the AB. I have good luck finding leather gloves during the spring sales at Ross, TJ Max, Marshalls, Kohls, and Wilson's Leather outlet stores.

 Steampunk chain bracelet, gift from a reader

Skinny belt bracelet: thrift store belt $3, scarf broach $10 both thrifted

Because I wear gloves you almost never see me in bracelets, but I do wear them. These are two of my favorites. The top was a gift from a reader and the bottom is actually a very skinny belt I wrap around my wrist several times and have hooked into a vintage scarf clasp. In a pinch I can use the belt as a belt if I need to!

 Typewriter key earrings $20 (similar on etsy); pen nib earrings $20 (similar on etsy)

Steampunk black and gold earrings, $20 (similar on etsy)

All of these were purchased at various steampunk conventions. If I'm wearing earrings at all, because I usually forget, it's one of those first two pairs. I love them more than I can say. Particularly the typewriter ones. The hooks are great and I like those keys in particular (I actually bought two pairs so I could switch them to this exact set) ~ I'm obsessed with the semi-colon.

 Long necklace on multiple chains with large round bug image center, from Clockwork Couture, they are out but have a similarly styled octopus one!

 Medium length small delicate necklace with small resin corset, gift (similar in metal on etsy)

 Mustache lace necklace recent purchase, $15 at AnomolyCon (similar on etsy)

Three necklaces of different weight and length can pretty much serve all my travel and every day needs. Plus I could stack them together if I wanted to dress up something very simple. I have many others of course, but currently these three are my favorite

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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