Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gail Carriger's French Outfits: Black & Blush 20's Dress Variation

For the longest time I hated pink. And I am leery of blush because it is so close to my skin color. But recently, Fashionable Reader, I decided to fully embrace my girly side.

I've also blogged at length on my concerns with the 1920s frock and the curvy top heavy figure. So no one was more surprised than I when I bought this dress.

My dress! I love it so.

It's not vintage, but modern and I shelled out about $40 for it at Nordstrom Rack last spring. I have worn it non-stop since then. During the winter over tights, and in the summer with a big straw hat and sandals. It's just so easy, and sweet, and girly and ballet. It's the little girl dress I never worn as a little girl.

Eugénie haute couture 1948-1949, Willy Maywald photography

Blush because very popular last spring and has persisted since then. Like most soft reduced colors it can be challenging to wear, particularly for us brunettes.

But it's so sublimely romantic, I just can't let it go. Neither, it seems, can the designers.

Ulyana Sergeenko S/S 2013

For the trip to France I paired my blush dress with black for a more edgy grown up look. I wore it in the evening for a fancy dinner with knee-highs and heels. And then paired it during the day with a turban and flats.

 Evening outfit and the inspiration.

 With black and layers for the daytime. 

The turban is because my hair just refused to behave that day. After almost two weeks of styling constantly it finally gave up, and I needed a break from the morning routine.

Some ladylike blush looks from the runways...

Badgley Mischka via S/S 2013; Bottega Veneta 2013

 Chanel Couture 2012; Badgley Mischka via

Some amazing blush accessories...

Vintage pieces...

 1906  Whitaker Auctions; 1924 Coco Chanel,  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 1925 Coco Chanel, Museum at FIT; 1927 Madeleine Vionnet, Metropolitan Museum of Art

1927-1928 Coco Chanel; 1929 both The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 1937 Madeleine Vionnet ; 1945 Charles James both The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For the characters!

Lord Akeldama:

18th century  Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketektur, og Design

For Felicity:

1876  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 For Prudence:

1881 Girl’s Dress  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For Primrose:

1895  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And the cape to go with it:

1897 Cape  Jeanne Paquin  The Museum at FIT

You don't have to take my word for it, top fashion blogger Keiko Lynn wears blush and black better than I ever could. And here's someone decorating with blush.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.


  1. I think vintage dresses are Sexy Dresses. There is something so beautiful about the way they compliment your figure. I'm sad they aren't as popular anymore because they really are great!

  2. I am still a bit leery of pink (especially pink-pink - I've come round a little bit to salmon and coral), so I mostly avoid it. The pictures you posted show me how classy blush can be, but I am very pale, so I think it would wash me out completely (particularly as my dark hair *already* washes my face out if I'm not careful what colours I wear on top).


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