Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gail Carriger's French Outfits: Flowered Pencil Dress Variation

So, Fashionable Reader, as I already mentioned I only brought three vintage dresses with me to France, which meant I had to repeat the dresses from St. Malo at Epinal. The first was a green print day dress with a full skirt. The second was my relatively new, and very summery, white pencil dress with printed green and blue flowers.

This one is a little tight in the chest area (I know, shocking!). But despite how much I love the green day dress, I do think the pencil cut is far more flattering on my figure. It's not what I would call French in style, more southern bell. However, it packs well and works for most weather so that's why I brought it. For St. Malo I paired this dress with black, which ordinarily I would never do. And for Epinal I wore this dress with cream and brown.

Since it was so very cold in Epinal, I also put a thin white turtleneck underneath. You can't see but I cheated and wore my comfortable French shoes. I brought tan sandals and it just never got warm enough for them.

I also added my rolling scarf, which has a Toulouse Lautrec print on it, which didn't really go, but anything for warmth. Sadly, the little brown and cream flowered headband died during this trip. Shortly after this picture was taken. I also took to wearing my teal necklace the whole trip, it was just convenient to have the time around my neck.

I adore the petal collar on this dress, in fact that's one of the reasons I bought it. Here's a similar collar dress on etsy, although a day dress with a cat print. The cut of this pencil dress (sans collar) reminds me very much of this green one I wore to New Orleans for ALA.

I may own too many dresses like this.

For the characters...

For Lord Akeldama:

1760-1780  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Felicity in the Parasol Protectorate series:

1872  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Countess Nadasdy:

 1880-1885  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Corset, c. 1880-1885. Courtesy of the Vienna Museum

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