Monday, June 10, 2013

Gail Carriger's French Outfits: Green Day Dress Variation

I have just returned from three weeks in France, Fashionable Reader ~ ten days of business, and ten of pleasure. As you can imagine, I had to keep packing to a minimum. So I only brought three vintage dresses with me, which meant I had to repeat the dresses from St. Malo at Epinal, and I added in one extra non-vintage for Epinal since it's a very long festival. With inclement weather and no idea as to temperature range all over the country style was challenging. But I did my best.

First off, my green day dress.

 Green dress at St. Malo Day 1 with black accessories and bundled up against the wind to walk there.

 Green dress in Epinal day 3 with cream and brown accessories. 

So as you can see I paired it with black the first time I wore it and brown and cream the second time.  Those little cream shoes are ones I bought in St. Malo while we were there, just for comfort, I didn't realize how much walking I would be doing. I had comfortable sandals to go with the brown (which I never war because I was never warm enough) but no closed toed shoes that coordinated, so I decided to invest.

At the walls to the city of St. Malo

You know me I love a packable stretch day dress. This one looks better with a petticoat, but when traveling light and small petticoats are certainly out. it does emphasize the Rack rather over much, but what can I do? At least it fits.

And something for Prudence in The Parasol Protectorate Abroad...

Tea Dress by Designer Charles Frederick Worth circa 1895

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  1. It's a very nice dress, I must say :) I had the pleasure to meet you at St-Malo and posted a few pictures on my blog (sorry, this one is all in French):

    Thanks for the lovely chat :)

  2. I think that dress is very flattering to the rack! No uni-boob, I think the pattern helps detract from them as well. You just look very shapely. :)

    I love the trench! I bet you felt very spy-like in that outfit, I wouldn't have been able to resist throwing in a "Mistar Bond" or two. lol


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