Monday, July 15, 2013

Gail Carriegr Talks Bonnet De Douche & Other French Wonders

From out and about France, here are a few catch all fashion photos of things that I found amusingly stylish, lust-worthy, historically interesting, or just fun. Sometimes all at once.

Bonnet de Douche = best name EVER!
Anaig's Lovely Oxfords

Cute Jacket in St. Malo

Bra that could come in my size, in Strasbourg

Cameo necklaces in the window of a high end fashion shop

$1500 pencil skirt I coveted and did not buy.

Window display of ladies standing among the tea.
Iconic Chanel suits

Amazing Dior suit

Field of epaulets at the Army Museum

Shoes with sparkle


Victory dress after WWII

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  1. The cut of that victory dress is actually quite stunning.

  2. That Dior is And I would totally rock that victory print dress. But those oxfords. Oh god. I need them so badly.


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