Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gail Carriger's 8 New Acquisitions

I realize I haven't posted about new stuff in a while. Over the past six months I have acquired the following to add/augment/replace my wardrobe.


Mary Jane blush colored ballet flats from Nordstrom rack (similar). I've been feeling the ballet thing recently and these were so comfortable, plus they tie over my foot (I'v narrow feet and shoes rarely fit comfortably over the top). Also, since what I really need are tobacco-colored flats, I figured once I accidentally stain these, I could replaced the ribbon and get them dyed to a color that actually fit better into my wardrobe.


Betsy Johnson cherry tote from Ross. I got this for France, I'm still on the endless perfect tote quest and this one sort of fits the bill. I'm going to have to modify it by slicing the bottom of one of the outside pockets so it will slide over the handle of my rolly. And, because it isn't leather, I don't expect it to last much more than a couple years.


Mini brown felt hat from the 1950s by I. Magnin (as is one of my favorite cocktail dresses). It doesn't look like much off the head, but it's adorable on. I do have plenty of brown hats already but this one is lighter than my hair color (so it doesn't fade in) and it is small enough to travel well, which is becoming a prerequisite. Also it's quirky enough to work for steampunk.


Lavender print dress with sailor collar from Nordstrom Rack. This is the time of year where I hunt for sun dresses, despite my Rack. I found this one and I like the sweet vintage look although it is, in fact, modern, from Max Studio. I am always looking for sun dresses with sleeves. I think they are more versatile, graceful, and can transition to evening or wedding events (not to mention to winter with tights). I've already worn this one a dozen times and I've had it less than a month.


Red pussy cat bow blouse from Nordstrom Rack (here's an adorable pokadot version). I hesitated about this but finally decided it would work to replace my polyester vintage one, which I kind of loathe, and fill a hole in my wardrobe. I dislike seer, but this one is silk and I'll wear it with a tank top (as pictures) and just suck it up. It's so hard to find pussy-cat bow blouses that don't button up the front.


New blouse and the old one it is replacing.

New cherry blouse I picked up in France (UK made) and it is such a nice light cotton and a great fit despite the buttons. That combined with the cherry print and the bow, and I'm in love. It works great on a hot day and it has become my go-to east t-shirt alternative and a better fit, cut and length than my previous one.


This one I got at the beginning of the year from a thrift store. It's just a plain white men's style blouse, but it has no buttons up the front (only looks like it might) and is made of a stretch material so it fits over the Rack. As with most white tops it has the see-through issue, but I'm working on invisible undergarments and holding onto this puppy because she is like gold. No link for this one, it's impossible to find such a beastie.


This isn't my actual blazer, mine is 1940s and a bit more cropped, with many more buttons up the front and a higher collar. My camera struggles to photograph white, but this image is close enough. It came from a vintage store in Alameda. I have been looking for a cream blazer for a while, to replace the one I had in Australia that never fit the Rack properly, and one after that that was too stiff. My new one actually buttons closed, no gapes, over the chest and fits beautifully. You will see it on me in the near future, soon as the weather cools down. In fact, I wore it last night to a comedy show.

The one that is gone.
And the second attempt to replace it, now also gone.

Other one that is gone.

There you go, mostly staples, mostly from discount stores. Not everything can be fabulous and vintage all the time. I'm also about to get rid of a bunch of dresses and a few shoes. The dresses because the Rack has grown... again. I no longer fit into many of my favorites (in the top area). The shoes because I have to acknowledge that some of them just won't break into being comfortable and I'm too old for that sheite. There will be a post-of-mourning soon, as well as one of selling. Sadness. But I have new pretties to love!

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.


  1. Love the tote, the pussycat top (I have a very similar one in purple) and the dress in particular :)

    I've recently been on a quest for a good handbag to take to Europe with me and it's not going well :( So I completely understand your endless perfect tote quest!

    Shoes that have a tie or strap over the top are fantastic. I have the annoying combination of a narrow heel plus orthotics, which means I have to go a size up in shoes (normally) and my heel slips out. So all my ballet flats and (low) heels have straps on them.

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