Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gail Carriger Omaha Outfits at OSFest 2013

 I've returned from Omaha and I'm still recovering. I know it was such a short trip but for some reason it threw me. Nevertheless, here is what I wore.

StyleBook App of the Outfits

Thursday Evening Dinner with the Convention Staff

This is sort of an amended everyday outfit as I didn't bring many options with me. It's a modern Max Studio dress with my favorite Via Spiga peeps, a vintage cream bag with octopus broach, cream belt, parasol scarf, vintage cream gloves, and a vintage cream hat.

Friday Plaid Skirt

BCBG plaid skirt with slight fish tale paired with vintage 1950s cream knit top (pinned at the waist to the skirt to keep from riding or shifting) with nude undershirt, Calvin Klein tan wedge sandals, a vintage cream bag with octopus broach, vintage cream gloves, and a vintage cream hat. Over it I am wearing a late 1940s cream blazer, Ruby Blackbird teapot broach, necklace watch and necklace pen, and amber cluster earrings.

Saturday Blue Day Dress Suit

I know, silly expression

This is the daytime version of this outfit, I forgot to take a picture of the evening one. I wore the cream blazer over the top. I pretty much lived in that blazer because the AC was on to high and I was cold the whole time. I bought this vintage 1950s day dress originally for Comic Con. It's paired with the usual cream accessories. The shoes are BP basics from Nordstrom. The necklace is a vintage piece given to me as a gift when I was a very young girl. The headband is from Ross.

with Gena Fisher (from FB)

Sunday I wore the red check jumper from Comic Con, I forgot to take pictures as it was a rather hectic day. I'm hoping some pop up on the interwebs, although I did have the cream jacket on the whole time. Again. Lesson learned? Always bring the red silk under-blouse for the jumper, just in case the AC is on high. 

One of my favorite steampunk outfits at the convention.

Retro Rack is also on facebook where I post additional images and fashion thoughts.

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