Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gail Carriger bids Goodbye My Pretties Part II

Sometimes I retire clothing, sometimes I sell it, more often I give it away. If the clothing isn't worth enough to put up on ebay, or if I know one of my friends would really love it, it goes into the give away pile, then to Goodwill. Here are a few items that have gone on to happier homes.

Plaid Dress, Zara

I've worn it a lot, but I find myself leaning in favor of my vintage brown check instead these days. They both fill the same niche in my wardrobe, and the fit is better with the vintage dress.

Orange Oxfords

I kept these around because they fit the tan arena of browns, but I've decided they are just too orange. They aren't real leather so they won't dye, so I gave them away.

Plaid Skirt

I have two versions of this BCBG plaid skirt. This one is a stiffer easily-wrinkled material. It also has a pocket detail in back that people always think is the pocket falling out. I find myself more likely to wear the other plaid skirt or the tweed. The last thing I need in my life is more pencil skirts, so this one if going away.

Two Tiny Hats

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