Monday, August 5, 2013

Picnic in the Park ~ Victorian Style with Gail Carriger

This last weekend I joined the local historical dance reenactment group for a picnic in the park, floofy skirt style.

Self in a mainly thrifted outfit: 
  • black straw sun hat from Goodwill (dampened and bent inside an icebox in the sun, decorated - using hot glue gun - with ribbons and fake roses flowers from a church rummage sale)
  • earrings and cameo both thrifted from this amazing tiny store I found in Ohio in college, still miss it
  • velvet cape is the top portion of a coat (bottom of which was stained and didn't fit) 
  • shirt 1970 boxy cut thrifted on Height Street, tailored in to corseted figure, blue ribbon threaded through
  • skirt (gored) made from thrifted stain resistant king size bedsheets, bed ruffle attached at bottom, blue ribbon sew on
  • blue ribbon found on super sale at a quilt shop, I bought everything they had in that color on the theory that I would use it to pull the whole outfit together.
  • parasol new but added blue ribbon to match dress 
  • corset underneath is a Dark Garden custom sweetheart vic
  • hoopskirt is modern crinoline (for a wedding dress I suppose) with added tablecloth padding
  • underskirt made from 1980s wrap skirt with more dust ruffle edging
  • bloomers made from a thrifted pair of pants with new elastic and lace edging

1850 Damisk The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1850 Flower The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1850 grahamsday

1850 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

1850-1855  The Philadelphia Museum of Art
1890s  Christie’s

Hope you all had a delicious tea-filled weekend too!

~ Miss G

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  1. Oh man, that's so cool. I would love to participate in something like that. I fear I'm not creative enough to make an outfit, though. Alas.

  2. That's excellent! Would love to see a full length pic!

  3. The event looks absolutely enchanting. Your dress is divine. I love how resourceful and creative you are. It's amazing how you designed your ensemble using everyday modern garments and items. You look great!

  4. This looks like so much fun and you look fabulous!


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