Friday, September 6, 2013

Gail Carriger in a Flowered Day Dress and Silly Velvet Flower Hat in San Antonio, WorldCon 2013 Outfit Report: Day 2

Friday was one of my busy days so I decided to wear my flowered browns and blues day dress. It's easy, comfortable and looks good with flats.

I paired it with brown and mushroom oxfords (here's a DIY on painting your own spectators), vintage brown bag, vintage brown leather gloves, lace necklace gift from a reader, filigree steampunk earrings gift from another reader, and my pen necklace.


 Wearing the same dress at San Diego Comic Con, without a crinoline.

At the Alameda Vintage Fair

And a modern dress of a similar style.


I paired it with my velvet flower hat.

I know it's a really silly hat, but I kind of love it.

“Winter Garden” hat ca. 1957 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Best of Everything Cherry Hat
1940s  The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Bes-Ben, 1940s  Antique Dress
1962  The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Elsa Schiaparelli, 1939  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Speaking of which, something for Madame Lefoux's shop?

Godeys Dec 1872 Hats

Something for Ivy to wear.

1882-1883  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 And something for Lord Akeldama.

1774-1792  The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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  1. I was quite taken with Saturday's cupcake hat, I am definitely looking forward to that post :3

  2. DIY Costume geeks, cosplayers, stylists and fashion designers should worship you.


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