Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gail Carriegr in aRed Polka Dot Pencil Dress in San Antonio, WorldCon 2013 Outfit Report: Day 3

I don't have much to say about this dress, Fashionable Reader. It's an old favorite that still fits. It's one of the first vintage dresses I ever bought, yet still going strong. It's red. It's pencil cut. It's polka-dotted. What's not to love? I paired it with my very silly hat made from a crochet tea-cake (gift from a reader in Portland some years back). Silliest of hats. You can read all about it on its first outing. I've got my red bag, my cream oxfords, my vintage pearl necklace, newly acquired vintage red leather gloves, and the ubiquitous pen necklace.

At WorldCon I picked up these steampunk items, a pair of earrings with fans (because they reminded me of Sophronia) and a ring made from a pocket watch, because it was fun. They are from Punk'dWorks and her prices were pretty darn reasonable.

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  1. That is such a wonderful dress and you look lovely in it :) I wish I could find a nice red polka dot dress. For now, I'll just have to content myself with my red polka dot top and my blue polka dot dress. (But red is definitely the better colour!)

  2. Love your dress and your necklace <3

  3. My dear, I so very often see pictures of you writing with those gloves on. How do you do it? The moment I wear gloves that are not latex and extremely form-fitting, in a handy-matter that is of course, I cannot wield a pen properly. Let alone drink tea from a real cup. How do you do it?

    1. It is hard to turn the page to the right one for signing, so I usually have someone doing that part for me. Thin, unlined, leather gloves are the best option, since they are almost like skin. You're right, I cant do everything in gloves. But I can do most things. Frankly I have such cold hands I really do wear gloves 80% of the time. I must be one of the last people on earth to keep a pair of genuine driving gloves in my car. ~ G

    2. I am glad that the difficulty is not due to my inabilty to normally function with gloves (though I fear I must admit I keep a pair of gaming gloves (fingerless though, so I guess it's cheating) as opposed to your driving gloves).
      Thank you for the leather glove tip! Hopefully the abilities will come with practise!


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