Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gail Carriger in a Red Wiggle Dress in San Antonio, WorldCon 2013 Outfit Report: Day 4

For Sunday evening, to celebrate the Hugos, I donned my Jessica Wiggle Dress.

I know, funny expression and my feet are cut off. But you can pretty much see the outfit. This dress is not vintage but it travels great, is a kind of stiff thick stretch material that really holds a girl in place, which I love.

Gail Carriger and Ellen Schlakman Braun via FB
Unfortunately it also boosts the Rack up in a manner I don't really require. Sigh. And as the evening went on I got quite hot.

So off came the cute sweater and out popped the Rack. (Yes that's a business card tucked in there. It's totally automatic. I never have pockets but I always have cleavage so I tend to carry things in that most convenient place, as it were.) Isn't Adam's suit divine? Can you see the patterned piping? Absolutely chic.

Sad to be so hot, because I thought the accessories were super cute. The cardy is cashmere vintage, being unable to wear wool I have a terrible weakness for cashmere. (I actually resisted this sweater for it was $80, but then I kept thinking about it so I went back and bought it. I've not regretted it and I wear it all the time.) The red octopus necklace was a gift from a reader and the earrings are part of a set I picked up at It's a Wrap in LA.

Devi sporting my glasses
Speaking of Devi, here she is with Campbell winning Mur both of them beautifully dressed. I'm so proud.

And we can't neglect the boys.

You see? It is possible. How handsome they look!

Hugos are always fun because some people, at least, really dress up. I could people watch this night of nights forever. It makes me so happy to see everyone all swanky and sparkly.

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  1. You aren't alone! I too, use my cleavage as an extra pocket when I haven't got a bag handy.

    Also: RED OCTOPUS! So cute!

  2. You look fantastic, especially in red. Everyone else looks wonderful too!

  3. You look stunning in that dress! I have to admit that I use my natural pockets as well, especially when I'm wearing a corset. The Rack has to be useful for something!

  4. I love the cardigan. I too, cannot wear wool directly against my skin. It does create a problem in finding suitable cardigans that I can wear. Sigh.


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