Monday, October 21, 2013

Gail Carriger Visits The Alameda Vintage Fashion Fair

This last Friday my girls and I visited the Alameda Vintage Fashion Fair for an evening of wine swilling and shopping. 

It was, nominally, Halloween themed.

Audrey Hepburn with furry friend via theniftyfifties tumblr

Because of the theme I donned a black dress with striped red stockings. I'm getting rid of this dress but I wanted to wear it one last time to see if I really didn't want to keep it, and I don't.

Self & Rachel before the event

I fits OK but it's just a little frumpy.  And I find I don't wear it because, frankly, I find black boring, linen doesn't travel, and I already have a others that fit better. (A cocktail suit, and cocktail dress, a velvet day suit, and a coach dress with red piping) I paired it with striped stockings, black booties with black knitted spats, red belt, red scarf, red leather gloves, vintage gold and red necklace, and a red kerchief.


This was a new venue for us. We didn't make it last time when the fair moved from the officer's club to the wine room. Despite the brutality of the cement floor, and the cold of the open hanger structure, I liked the wine barrel aspect. Also the light was a million times better than the previous venue, one could actually see the dresses.

As usual we had a blast. It's hard to go wrong with a pod of my favorite girls (over 20 years now) and lots of pretty dresses and silly hats on offer.

Iz in a very Ivy hat

I was on the hunt for some very specific things. I found one of them.

2 piece cream knit

Please excuse the lack of proper foundation garments, that minor surgery is still giving me some stick with bra choice. I'm very pleased with this find, although it is Rack-tacular. What can I say? They are the size that they are. It's a thicker denser knit then my other cream knit top, more comfortable (the other one has a high itchy neck), and slightly longer. All of these things mean it's more versatile, but a little warmer. The skirt is a bonus, and you know me, I love things that I can parse out, mix and match, and pack well. You'll probably see me in these pieces on the up-coming book tour.

The other cream knit top, now in retirement.

I also coveted, tried on, an then ultimately passed on this dress:

I'll be doing a whole blog post on it later... the One the Got Away. But I thought you might like to see me in something that (mostly) fit, for a change! Ah the 1950s, gotta love it.

This didn't fit, but I loved the design. Since I have a number of dresses that go too low in the decolletage, I adore the idea of an embellished dicky that matched and went under a too low neckline. So I snapped a pick for possible DIY future endeavors.

Iz in a silly, stole

That's if for now. More on the yellow dress to come!

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