Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gail Carriger Discusses the One That Got Away ~ Yellow Pencil Dress at the Alameda Vintage Fair

So, I touched on this dress briefly in my first entry on the subject of the fair, Fashionable Reader.

Forgive the clashing red stripes, I just popped it on for fit. You can see why I wanted to buy it, right? It's rare for something like this to fit me in the ribs and, mostly, in the Rack as well. I've got an 11 inch difference, so a dress that isn't stretchy fabric that fits? Crazy talk. Also it had pockets! I love the V neckline but it's high enough to wear a good bra underneath. It was fully lined and in respectable condition.

 Well, I walked away from it. Why?

1. It only just zipped over the Rack. Any weight gain, heaven forefend further growing (please no), or the wrong time of month, and I'm popping the seams on that beauty.
2. It's raw silk so it's not going to travel well, wrinkles wrinkles.
3. Pair it with black and I look like a bumblebee. Won't go with red, cream, or brown. That leaves white as my only accessory choice. This limits it's versatility.
4. $140

But just look at the fit!

So I went back the next morning to buy it anyway.

And it was sold to some other lucky girl.

Sometimes, this is the way of shopping. It wasn't meant to be. Goodby pretty dress, there will be others!

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  1. That fit is amazing, I totally get the rack dilemma though. Maybe you could show these pictures to a seamstress and have a dress made? That way you could pick a more travel friendly fabric and a more accessory friendly color scheme.

  2. I'm sure the fine person who purchased this charming frock did not have the proper hat to complete the look.

  3. You should have bought it! I know you are a great do-it-yourselfer, but sometimes you deserve to have one spectacular piece made (or made over) just for you. The cut on this dress is beautiful on you, and I could see you having it reproduced in one of your signature colors, and in a fabric that would travel well.


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