Friday, December 6, 2013

Gail Carriger's Latest Acquisitions

Over the past few months, Fashionable Reader, these have been newly integrated into my wardrobe...

I got this skirt (thrift store $15) to go with a corset of mine for a steampunk outfit. Not that I need another one, but it went so well. I've been meaning to make a skirt to go with, but just have to face up to the fact that I will never have the time. I wish it were longer but I can wear it over one of my other black skirts. I like it, it'll be good, and easy for those smaller long distance steampunk events. I've repalced the buttons and tailored in the waist, I'm considering further details and decorations.

Quick transport, waterproof, folding black flats. My little black oxfords are beginning to go and I really am leaning in favor of the smaller the better for conventions. I picked these up at Ross for $10, they aren't the greatest for long walks, but they save my feet from heels on the cement at cons int he short haul, they travel light, and they fold up small ~ these days that's worth $10.

Grey cashmere sweater from consignment shop for about $40. Yes, it's brutally plain, but I do love cashmere. I bought it thinking I could add a collar to it to pretty it up and make it feel more vintage. Then I realized the neck has to stretch over my head and adding anything would be a hassle. So I just wear it with broaches on top or a collared shirt under or a big necklace. It's so lovely and light weight and warm and fuzzy it traveled with me several times this winter and I pretty much live in it at home.

Aerosoles Leopard sandals. I'm just getting too old for uncomfortable feet, which means I'm investing more and more in Aerosoles and Clarks flat sandal slides (I don't wear flip/flop AKA thong shoes). I bought these at the end of the summer when it seemed like the heat would never end. I wore them all the time. I do love a less chunky flat sandal, with nice thin straps and open toes. I consider leopard a neutral and these are great filler in the brown/tan department. My only complaint is the light colored insole which just shows all the dirt and grime, why oh why is it not black?

Navy Cardy from Juicy Couture, bought on consignment, $15. I have never managed to quite make my peace with navy and I've no idea why I gravitated to this sweater. It fits over the Rack, but something has to go underneath. I haven't worn it much so far, we shall see how it goes this spring.

Parasol shirt. How could I resist? I'm not one for blowsy shirts as a rule as even when I tuck them in I look top-heavy because of the Rack. I found this on consignment for $50, it's very boutique chichi, blended raw silk and all that rot. The few times I have worn it I have gotten compliments, though I'm not sure if that's the shirt or how different it is from all my other stuff. Wore it with a long fitted Goth skirt for Thanksgiving and people liked it.

I got this both to transport toiletries for $14 and other small stuff and act as a backup evening bag for events I travel to with the red accessories. I haven't had a chance to use it for this yet, we shall see if it was a good investment or not. Right now it is holding cat toys.

Vintage tap pants, for under various skirts when biking, $20.

And lastly this new pin was a gift from a friend.

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  1. Ah, I love cashmere jumpers! I have a lovely one I picked up in the post-Christmas sales in Geneva one year. Sadly it doesn't get as much wear as I would like, because winter in Australia is not always cold enough for it! But I do manage to break it out occasionally and it makes me happy :)


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